BevPort expands into RTD e-commerce distribution

What began as an effort to help brewers and winemakers achieve efficient and cost-effective distribution of their canned products has evolved. Launching its e-commerce distribution portal in Florida in March 2024 and open to retailers statewide, BevPort is expanding into ready-to-drink (RTD) alcohol-based products.

Recognizing the growing demand and unique challenges distillate producers face, BevPort is expanding its innovative distribution solutions to include ready-to-drink spirits in addition to beer, wine, soft drinks and CBD-infused beverages.

The BevPort distribution portal is the brainchild of industry veterans and entrepreneurs James Williams and Philip Guana. By handling shipping, warehousing, invoicing and payment collection, BevPort removes many of the barriers and constraints of the traditional distribution system, saving producers time and money. Brewers who sign up for BevPort will be instantly introduced to 5,000 purchasing accounts through a partnership with Country Malt Group and Sunshine State Delivery. BevPort’s three-tiered digital distribution model is designed to empower producers. This includes:

  • Streamlined Approval Process: Start selling in Florida in days.
  • Stay in control: Take control of your brand promotion without the interference of large distributors.
  • Savings: Benefit from a cost-effective model with margins as low as 10%, compared to standard margins of 35-40%.

BevPort is initially operating in Florida, but expects to expand to Texas and California in 2025. It has plans for nationwide availability on the horizon.