64% of Indian companies report increased innovation with GenAI implementation: Report

New Delhi, July 10 (IANS): About 64% of Indian organisations have seen improvements in innovation efforts, such as developing new features and implementing generative artificial intelligence (GenAI), compared to 61% globally, a new report released on Wednesday found.

According to IT company Capgemini, innovative work and upskilling are the main areas in which organisations are taking advantage of productivity growth.

“GenAI has emerged as a powerful technology to support software engineers, quickly gaining popularity. Its impact on coding efficiency and quality is measurable and proven, but it also offers promise for other software operations,” said Pierre-Yves Glever, Head of Global Cloud & Custom Applications at Capgemini.

The report surveyed 1,098 senior executives (directors and above) and 1,092 software professionals (including architects, programmers, testers, and project managers).

The report further found that 49 percent of Indian organizations rely on software professionals to handle complex, high-value tasks, compared to 46 percent globally.

About 47 percent of organizations in India and globally are upskilling software professionals in terms of business skills and understanding.

The report further mentions that 35 percent of Indian and global organizations are evaluating and analyzing potential use cases for GenAI.

About 20 percent of Indian organizations are piloting AI-based solutions, compared to 27 percent globally.

Some 54 percent of respondents said they have the culture and leadership to implement GenAI, while 44 percent said they have the computing infrastructure, processes and workflows to implement GenAI.