Microsoft strikes deal to avoid EU cloud investigation – POLITICO

“CISPE has given Microsoft the benefit of the doubt and believes that this agreement will ensure a level playing field for European cloud infrastructure service providers and their customers,” said Francisco Mingorance of CISPE.

The group has agreed to withdraw a complaint to the European Commission it filed in November 2022 asking regulators to investigate Microsoft for antitrust violations. It will also commit not to file or support similar complaints in the EU or elsewhere.

In return, Microsoft will make changes to some of its software licensing practices within nine months. It will also pay a lump sum to CISPE and reimburse the costs of litigation and campaigning.

CISPE said Amazon “will not benefit from or be bound by these terms.”

An Amazon Web Services spokesman said Microsoft would make only limited concessions under the settlement.

“Unfortunately, this settlement does nothing for the vast majority of Microsoft customers who are unable to use the cloud of their choice in Europe and around the world,” the person said. The company continues to support others “who are calling on Microsoft to end its discriminatory practices against all customers.”