Avangrid Installs First Solar Panels at Powell Creek Project in Ohio

Avangrid, a leader in sustainable energy and part of Iberdrola Group, has begun installing solar panels at its Powell Creek project in Putnam County, Ohio. The project, which began construction late last year, will feature about 300,000 solar panels, generating enough energy for 30,000 homes per year. Construction will also create up to 400 local jobs. The nearby town of Miller City has annexed the project area to receive revenue from a new sewer line, which will help the city grow. It is Avangrid’s second renewable energy project in Ohio, following the Blue Creek Wind Farm, which was built in 2012.


  • The installation of the first solar panels at the Powell Creek project is a major milestone.

  • Powell Creek will generate enough electricity to power 30,000 homes a year.

  • Creation of up to 400 local jobs during construction.

  • Annexation of project area by Miller City to support new infrastructure and development.

  • Miller City’s tax base is projected to increase tenfold.

Powell Creek to be a 202 MWdc solar farm Putnam County, Ohio

Project to generate enough energy to power 30,000 homes per year

MILLER CITY, OHIO–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Avangrid, Inc. (NYSE: AGR), a leading renewable energy company and member of the Iberdrola Group, recently announced that it has installed “Golden Row” at its Powell Creek solar project in Putnam County, Ohio Near Miller’s City. Golden Row is the first row of solar panels that will be the model for the rest of the structure. With Golden Row in place, Avangrid continued to work on the site and has installed over 1,000 panels to date.

First panels installed at Avangrid’s Powell Creek solar project in Ohio. (Photo: Business Wire)

First panels installed at Avangrid’s Powell Creek solar project in ohio. (Photo: Business Wire)

“I am pleased to see that our Powell Creek solar project is off to a great start. This is a milestone worth celebrating as it sets the tone for the rest of our construction,” said Pedro Azagra, CEO of Avangrid. “Powell Creek is another great example of Avangrid’s plan to increase renewable energy production, help the country achieve its ambitious clean energy goals and accelerate the transition to clean energy.”

Powell Creek is on land leased directly from landowners. It will eventually have about 300,000 solar panels generating enough energy to power at least 30,000 homes a year. The project is supporting up to 400 jobs during construction, most of which are filled by people living in the region.

Avangrid expects the Powell Creek project to directly support the community through property taxes and payments to landowners. The nearby town Miller’s City also annexed the project area, which enabled him to obtain revenues that will support the construction of a new sewer line. Most importantly, it will enable Miller’s City begin to grow through the addition of new homes and development. Growth has historically been limited because homes, businesses and schools in the village are currently connected to individual sewer systems.

“We’ve been trying to do this for a long time,” he said. Miller’s City Mayor Jim Erford: “With Powell Creek, we anticipate our tax base will grow tenfold and our city will grow for the first time in many years. We are excited to bring new investment, new families and new energy to the community we love so much.”

Construction at Powell Creek began late last year. It is Avangrid’s second renewable energy project in ohio. Avangrid built Blue stream a 304 MW wind farm in 2012 that generates enough electricity to power around 76,000 homes a year.

About Avangrid: Avangrid, Inc. (NYSE: AGR) aspires to be a leading renewable energy company United States. Headquarters in Orange, CT from about 45 billion dollars in assets and operations in 24 U.S. states, Avangrid has two primary business lines: grids and renewables. Through its grid businesses, Avangrid owns and operates eight electric and natural gas utilities serving more than 3.3 million customers in New York and New England. Through its renewable energy business, Avangrid owns and operates a portfolio of renewable energy facilities in United States. Avangrid employs approximately 8,000 people and was recognized by JUST Capital as one of the JUST 100 Companies, a ranking of America’s Best Corporate Citizens, in 2024 for the fourth consecutive year. In 2024, Avangrid was ranked first among utilities and 12th overall. The company supports the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and was named one of the World’s Most Ethical Companies in 2024 for the sixth consecutive year by the Ethisphere Institute. Avangrid is a member of the group of companies controlled by Iberdrola, SA. For more information, visit

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Frequently asked questions

What is Avangrid’s Powell Creek Project in Ohio?

Powell Creek is a 202 MWdc solar farm project in Putnam County, Ohio, developed by Avangrid and designed to generate enough electricity to power 30,000 homes per year.

How many solar panels will be installed in Powell Creek?

The Powell Creek project will install approximately 300,000 solar panels.

What impact will the Powell Creek project have on local employment?

The Powell Creek project is expected to create approximately 400 local jobs during the construction phase.

How is Miller City involved in the Powell Creek solar project?

The City of Miller annexed the project area to generate revenue for new infrastructure, including a sewer line, that will facilitate the city’s growth.

What is the energy capacity of Avangrid’s Powell Creek Solar Farm?

The Powell Creek Solar Farm has an energy capacity of 202 MWdc.

How does the Powell Creek project contribute to the local community?

The project supports the community through property taxes and payments to landowners. It is expected to significantly increase Miller City’s tax base and facilitate new projects.

When did construction begin on Avangrid’s Powell Creek project?

Construction on the Powell Creek project began late last year.

What was Avangrid’s first renewable energy project in Ohio?

Avangrid’s first renewable energy project in Ohio was the Blue Creek Wind Farm, constructed in 2012.