Jin’s W Korea Vol. 7 Album Cover Hits All-Kill Rating on All Major Korean E-Commerce Platforms

Kim Seokjin broke records with its stunning cover In Korea Volume 7by doing so best-selling edition on all six major K-pop e-commerce platforms: G-Market, Yes24, Aladin, Kyobobook, Amazon and Ktown4u, achieving an unofficial “all-kill”.

The pre-sale period alone brought unprecedented demand, solidifying Jin’s status as a true superstar.

In just 30 minutes, Jin’s cover was sold out Market GSouth Korean e-commerce giant and Amazonlargest retailer in the world. This flash sale shows the unparalleled excitement for Jin’s first solo magazine cover.

It’s still takes the first three places on the real-time bestseller lists of the three largest Korean platforms: Aladin, Yes24 and KyobobookThis continued success underlines continued interest and demand.

Interestingly, the demand isn’t being bolstered by any of the wholesale buys often organized by K-pop idol fans. Instead, countless fans have rushed to get their hands on their own copies, demonstrating Jin’s widely spread and real popularity.

Dreamer of summer“the editions (versions A, B, C) of the W Korea Jin cover, along with the combination set, are dominating the bestseller lists in all major online stores.

These versions are the leaders in real-time rankingsshowing Jin’s strong presence not only in Korea but also in JapanOn Rakuten, Japan’s largest e-commerce platform, Jin’s cover ranks in the top four spots in the K-pop bestsellers category, underscoring his international influence.

Jin’s appearance at W Korea is accompanied by a series of events and releases:

• July 11-14: Fashion Film

• July 15: Behind the scenes

• July 16: History from the inside

• July 16: Selfie Booth

In conclusion, this level of success on the cover of a magazine says a lot about Jin’s popularity and the loyalty of his fans. Jin’s dominance in the world of K-pop and fashion shows no signs of slowing down.