Hexaware Unveils Gen AI App to Improve CX, Now Available on AWS Marketplace

Hexaware today announced the launch of its Gen AI for Retailer app on AWS Marketplace, a digital catalog of thousands of software offerings from independent software vendors that make it easy to find, test, purchase, and deploy software that runs on Amazon Web Services (AWS). Designed specifically for e-commerce retailers, the app leverages generative artificial intelligence (Gen AI) to automate creating product descriptions, streamline bulk upload of images and transform product visualizations to increase customer engagement and improve search engine optimization (SEO).

AWS customers can now easily purchase and manage the Hexaware Gen AI for Retail app directly in AWS Marketplace.

“In today’s competitive e-commerce environment, compelling product descriptions and visually appealing imagery are essential to attracting and converting customers,” he said. Arun “Rak” Ramchandran, President & Global Head – Consulting & GenAI Practice, Hi-Tech & Professional Services, Hexaware “The Gen AI for Retail App enables retailers to overcome these challenges by automating tedious tasks and generating content that we believe will resonate with their target audience.”

The app acts as an image-based product description generator. It analyzes uploaded product images and automatically generates descriptions, saving retailers time and resources. It also improves inventory management by allowing users to upload product images for multiple items at once. The app’s “Shift Image Lifestyle Transformation” feature leverages Gen AI to update product visuals to match desired brand imagery and lifestyle aesthetics to support a more personalized shopping experience.

Aruna “Cancer” Ramchandran added: “By leveraging the app’s feature set, e-commerce retailers can create a trifecta approach to achieving their goals. First, visuals paired with SEO-rich descriptions will grab attention and boost search rankings. Second, engaging descriptions will keep customers engaged and increase conversions. Finally, automation frees up valuable time for strategic initiatives, allowing retailers to focus on what matters most.”

“This application leverages Hexaware’s comprehensive data and AI capabilities to not only automate but also intelligently amplify the content creation process,” he said. Girish Pai, Global Head of Data and AI, Hexaware“Using targeted prompts and large language models (LLMs), it optimizes product descriptions for search engines and creates lifestyle images to enhance the consumer experience. We’re excited about this AI-powered solution that aims to solve a real business problem by providing a solution that empowers business owners.”