Climate change policy requires ‘action, not more deception’

The government’s recent announcement of five climate pillars sounded promising but lacked substance, with Climate Change Minister Simon Watts calling it “comprehensive” and “ambitious”, despite being just three pages long and full of vague aspirations.

Each pillar sets goals and targets, such as “minimizing carbon costs,” but there is no clear plan for how to achieve those goals. This has drawn criticism from climate groups and scientists who wanted concrete steps, not just promises.

The government plans to release more details in the future, but the delay raises questions about their commitment to urgent action. Meanwhile, climate change continues to worsen around the world and we need real solutions now.

To effectively address climate change, we need concrete policies, clear timelines, and ways to hold government accountable. Without them, the announcement feels empty and fails to address the severity of the climate crisis.

So while acknowledging climate change is a start, government needs to do much more. The upcoming Emissions Reduction Plan needs to include real plans and actions, not just more promises. Our future depends on it.

….These are Will’s words…