Statkraft signs 10-year PPA for 80MW UK solar farm

Statkraft has signed a ten-year Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with FP Lux Group, advised by re:cap global investors ag, for the Scurf Dyke solar farm in the East Riding of Yorkshire. With an installed capacity of 80.6 MW, the project is one of the largest in the UK. At the same time, Statkraft will optimise an 8 MW storage system, a significant step forward in renewable energy management and energy storage.

BayWa’s role in development

BayWa re led the development and construction of the Scurf Dyke solar farm. The company continues to manage the operations and maintenance of the facility, ensuring optimal utilization. Statkraft and BayWa re have previously collaborated on several similar projects, creating effective synergies for the implementation of complex projects.

Optimization and risk management

Statkraft will use its Virtual Power Plant (VPP) system to manage the risk of negative prices and optimize the solar farm’s production. The system regulates electricity production in line with market conditions, ensuring optimal project profitability.

Market prospects

The partnership with re:cap is part of Statkraft’s broader strategy to strengthen its presence in the UK renewable energy market. Statkraft’s experience in PPA management and renewable asset optimisation is a key asset to the success of this project. The involvement of re:cap, with its expertise in international investment, underlines the importance of this project to investors and stakeholders, ensuring rigorous management and optimum performance.