Wien Energie launches 15 MW solar power plant in Ratten, Austria

Wien Energie has launched an innovative photovoltaic power plant in the municipality of Ratten, located at an altitude of 1,200 meters in the Weiz district in Austria. The plant, built by Strabag, features an extreme inclination of up to 85 percent and a generating capacity of 15 megawatts (MW). Installing the plant on the steep slope posed a major technical challenge, which was overcome thanks to rigorous planning and advanced technical know-how. The 26,433 installed photovoltaic modules supply electricity to around 5,000 households. The project is part of Wien Energie’s strategy to increase renewable energy production in Austria, in line with the regional sustainable energy goals.

Investments and regional perspectives

Ursula Lackner, regional councillor for environment and energy, emphasised the importance of this project for achieving the region’s renewable energy production targets. From 2022, another 407 hectares have been earmarked for photovoltaic projects, in addition to the 778 hectares already identified by the regional programme. Thomas Heim, mayor of Ratten, expressed his satisfaction with the completion of this project, which strengthens the energy autonomy of the municipality and the neighbouring regions. Michael Strebl and Karl Gruber, managing directors of Wien Energie, emphasised the successful cooperation with the municipality of Ratten and the positive impact of this project on the local production of renewable energy.

Technological development and expansion strategy

The project was designed and implemented entirely by Strabag, which was responsible for site preparation, installation and commissioning of the modules. Matthias Loimayr, member of the Strabag Management Board, said that the project is a significant example of the company’s commitment to contributing to Austria’s energy transformation through ambitious solar projects. In parallel with this project, Wien Energie has launched several other initiatives in Styria, including 8 MW in Altenmarkt bei St. Gallen, 2 MW in Riegersdorf and 15 MW in Gosdorf. These projects, representing a total investment of EUR 130 million between 2020 and 2030, aim to increase the solar energy production capacity in the region while supporting local economic development.

Economic and strategic impact

The expansion of Wien Energie’s solar power production capacity in Styria contributes to the region’s energy resilience and the reduction of CO2 emissions, saving the Ratten municipality 57,000 tons of CO2 per year. These projects also support the local economy, creating jobs and increasing regional added value. The 15 MW Ratten solar power plant with its unique location represents a significant technological breakthrough in the renewable energy sector in Austria. Wien Energie continues to play a key role in expanding the renewable energy production capacity in Styria, contributing to the country’s energy transformation.