Samsung Devices Get Circle to Search for Translation and Homework Help

Samsung’s Galaxy Unpacked Summer 2024 conference went off without any major surprises, but Samsung device owners did receive some news about upcoming AI features.

More specifically, Samsung is partnering with Google to borrow some of the latter’s AI features. In a blog post published at the same time as the live-streamed event, Google confirmed that the new Z Flip 6 and Z Fold 6 will get Circle to Search, with the translation and homework help features intact. Other unspecified Samsung devices will also get these features later in the year, according to the blog post.


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If you’re not familiar with Circle to Search, it’s a relatively recent Google innovation that lets you, well, draw a circle around something on your screen and let Google AI pull in more information about it. Samsung’s foldable phones will be able to do this, but that’s not all.

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Circle to Search can also do full-screen translations, meaning users could theoretically circle an entire restaurant menu in another language and have the full text appear in their chosen language. There’s also a way for students to circle things like math problems and have AI supposedly help them solve them. Google also promises that by the end of July, you’ll be able to use Circle to Search to search for barcodes and QR codes on your screen.

Kids, just remember not to make it too obvious that a chat bot helped you with your homework.

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