Thunes collaborates with LianLian Global

Singapore-based cross-border payments company Thunes has incorporated cross-border e-commerce payment services provider LianLian Global into its Thunes Global Network.

Thunes has announced a new partnership with LianLian Global, a renowned Chinese e-commerce cross-border payment service provider. Through this partnership, LianLian Global introduces LianLian Global Payout Service (LGPS), which leverages Thunes’ compatible payment network. This service aims to streamline cross-border payouts to digital wallets and bank accounts in over 130 countries.

The partnership solves typical challenges in cross-border payments, including high costs, long processing times and complex procedures. Through integration with Thunes’ global network, LianLian Global offers a transparent, efficient and secure payment solution for payment service providers (PSPs), banks and licensed financial institutions worldwide.

The initiative is expected to benefit over 1 million Chinese businesses by enabling them to transact through over 3 billion digital wallet accounts and 4 billion bank accounts in over 130 countries, supporting transactions in over 80 currencies.

Floris de Kort, CEO of Thunes, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership, highlighting the direct connectivity and global reach it provides to LianLian Global. Shen Enguang, Co-CEO of LianLian Global, emphasized the company’s commitment to increasing global payment efficiency and facilitating international trade for Chinese enterprises by launching LGPS in partnership with Thunes.

Singapore-based cross-border payments company Thunes has added cross-border e-commerce payment services provider LianLian Global to its Thunes Global Network.

Other events from Thunes

In May 2024, Thunes announced a partnership with Pomelo to launch a new credit-based digital wallet solution from the US to the Philippines. Following this announcement, Thunes and Pomelo were set to launch an international money transfer solution from the US to the Philippines, as the partnership focused on optimizing the way money transfers are handled through Thunes’ digital wallet integration, as well as reducing costs and connecting families in a new way.

In addition, both companies have focused on meeting the needs, preferences and demands of customers in an ever-changing market, while also prioritizing compliance with regulatory requirements and industry regulations.

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