Shiprocket and Snowflake AI Data Cloud to Empower 1.5 Lakh Merchants

Snowflake, the AI ​​Data Cloud company, announced a partnership with Shiprocket, a renowned e-commerce enablement platform. The collaboration aims to enhance the data infrastructure for Shiprocket’s extensive network of 1.5 lakh merchants, provide them with faster access to data, and enable rapid data-driven decision-making with Snowflake AI Data Cloud.

Snowflake AI Data Cloud integration allows Shiprocket to streamline data operations, offering real-time insights and an improved customer experience. Merchants on the platform will benefit from the ability to effortlessly scale their data infrastructure, gaining a competitive advantage in the dynamic e-commerce landscape.

Snowflake AI Data Cloud has drastically reduced data processing time from days to minutes, significantly increasing operational efficiency. This agility has enabled Shiprocket to optimize operations, streamline decision-making processes, and provide a seamless eCommerce experience for merchants. Additionally, Shiprocket plans to explore advanced applications within the AI ​​Data Cloud, including Generative AI (Gen AI) and Large Language Models (LLM). These technologies have the potential to develop chatbots that enable natural language interactions with data, further enhancing user experience and accessibility.

Saahil Goel, Managing Director and CEO, Shiprocket, said: “This partnership with Snowflake marks a significant milestone for our 1.5 lakh strong merchant community, which collectively generates over $3 billion in annual GMV. By integrating Snowflake’s AI Data Cloud, we gain access to real-time data that is critical to our merchants’ eCommerce operations. This strategic partnership enables our merchants to seamlessly scale their data infrastructure as their businesses grow, optimize operations more efficiently, and ultimately deliver a seamless and exceptional eCommerce experience to their customers.”

Vijayant Rai, Managing Director, Snowflake India, added: “As Shiprocket continues to expand its operations, Snowflake’s AI Data Cloud provides a scalable, cost-effective, secure platform to support diverse data needs and drive business value. We are proud to be a part of Shiprocket’s growth journey, empowering their businesses with real-time data insights to drive innovation and customer satisfaction.”

This collaboration between Shiprocket and Snowflake aims to leverage the power of data to revolutionize the e-commerce landscape. With this partnership, Shiprocket is well-positioned to explore the future potential of AI-powered solutions, ensuring continued growth and innovation in this sector.