Germany, Lufthansa announces “painful cuts” in various company sectors

The German airline Lufthansa has announced – in a letter published on the group’s internal communication service – that in the coming months there will be “painful cuts” in various sectors of the company. “The measures taken in April to guarantee this year’s profits are not sufficient. For this reason we will continue to reduce material, personnel and project costs in the short term.

“Revenues are lower than expected, but at the same time costs remain at a very high level”, can be read in the letter, published exclusively by the German newspaper “Handelsblatt”. A few days ago the CEO of Lufthansa, Cartsen Spohrhad declared that the flights operated by the company “are 20 percent fewer than before the pandemic”, but with “the same number of employees” and this means “20 percent less productivity”.

According to Spohr, Lufthansa’s main problem is that it “is highly dependent on revenue from business travel, which flies all year round, but this segment has not fully returned after the coronavirus and, in our opinion, will remain at the current low level ”.

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