Mays Landing man admits to possession of four explosive devices


MAYS LANDING — A southern New Jersey man has admitted to possessing homemade bombs that police found at his home in connection with a drug overdose.

Robert J. Moser, 32, was arrested in March 2013 after police discovered four explosive devices in the bedroom of his Mays Landing home.

According to the U.S. Attorney’s Office in New Jersey, each device contained explosive powder and a fuse.

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The agency said in a statement that one of the containers contained pieces of metal and the other contained five metal dart tips.

The rest had protruding metal screw hooks.

“Moser admitted that the four destructive devices were usable weapons,” the statement said.

Police went to the home to help Moser after he suffered a drug overdose.

During a July 8 hearing in federal court in Camden, he pleaded guilty to possessing destructive devices.

District Judge Edward S. Kiel scheduled sentencing for Nov. 13.

Jim Walsh is a senior reporter at the Courier-Post, Burlington County Times and The Daily Journal. E-mail: [email protected].