Register for our webinar on self-generation of renewable energy

When it comes to sustainability, significant progress needs to be made – and a vital part of that puzzle is reducing the level of greenhouse gases we emit.

The food system accounts for about a third of global emissions, but is also highly vulnerable to shocks from climate change – for example floods, droughts, intense heat and strong winds.

As a result, many food and drink producers have made ambitious commitments to achieve carbon neutrality.

In our next webinar (July 24, 10:30am UK time, sign up here)​​we will host an expert roundtable to talk not only about the benefits of renewable energy, but also why “generating it yourself” is a great option for resilience and efficiency. This session will be especially useful for those looking to strengthen their sustainable energy journey.

In addition to considering the benefits of generating your own energy, the talk will also cover the different options manufacturers offer in terms of technology and some important things to consider before getting started.

Get to know the panel

Among the brands taking action to promote sustainability is Heck Foods, which has invested £150,000 in solar power at its Kirklington headquarters.

To learn more about the business, we’re joined by James Ashford, Head of Procurement at the company, who has been with the company since 2020.

While his primary responsibilities include managing material supply contracts and the inbound supply chain, he is also actively involved in the company’s sustainability strategy.