iOS 18 Beta 3: Even Better Than Before

iOS 18 Beta 3

The latest version of Apple’s mobile operating system, iOS 18 Beta 3introduces a wealth of new features and improvements designed to elevate the user experience. This update focuses on delivering better performance, improved functionality, and a more intuitive interface, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable interaction with iOS devices. The video below from iDeviceHelp details a number of improvements, changes, and more in the latest beta.

One of the most noticeable improvements in iOS 18 Beta 3 is the redesigned interface in Dynamic Island. Flash User Interface now offers smoother control over flash intensity and beam width, allowing you to fine-tune your photography settings. This update lets you easily take stunning photos by taking full advantage of your device’s camera capabilities.

iOS 18 Beta 3 also brings some exciting changes to the Lock screen customization options. You can now add Apple Music as a shortcut directly on your lock screen, giving you quick and convenient access to your favorite songs. This feature, combined with enhanced customization options, allows you to create a truly personalized lock screen experience tailored to your preferences.

To improve communication with Android devices, iOS 18 Beta 3 includes: RCS Updates. You can now enable or disable RCS via new menu options, ensuring a seamless messaging experience across platforms. This update breaks the barriers between iOS and Android users, facilitating smoother, more efficient communications.

The Messages app also got a nice update in iOS 18 beta 3. You can now add Memoji or stickers in message reactionsbringing a fun and expressive element to your conversations. Whether you want to convey emotion, emphasize a point, or just add a touch of personality, these new reaction options have everything you need. Additionally, the redesigned emoji keyboard features larger and better spaced emojis, making it easier to find and use your favorite icons.

  • Redesigned Flash user interface for precise control of flash intensity and beam width
  • Apple Music shortcut and improved lock screen customization options
  • RCS updates for seamless communication with Android devices
  • Memoji reactions and stickers in Messages, plus a redesigned emoji keyboard

iOS 18 beta 3 also introduces a redesigned Control Centerwith new descriptive cards that explain personalization and interaction options. This update makes it easier for users to understand and use the various settings and features available in Control Center. Similar UI updates have been applied to the wallpaper settings, providing a more intuitive and user-friendly interface for personalizing the look of your device.

The latest iOS 18 beta brings significant features performance improvements. Users can expect longer battery life and smoother overall performance with the optimizations made in this update. These improvements provide a more efficient and responsive user experience, allowing you to take full advantage of your iOS devices without compromising performance.

Looking ahead, Apple has exciting plans for future releases. Expected release iOS 18 Developer Beta 4 and Public Beta 1 is scheduled for the week of July 15. These upcoming updates are expected to introduce new Apple Intelligence features, further enhancing the capabilities and user experience of iOS 18.

With iOS 18 Beta 3, Apple is demonstrating its commitment to delivering an improved, feature-rich, and user-centric mobile operating system. By focusing on key areas such as photography, personalization, communication, and performance, this update sets the stage for a more enjoyable and productive iOS experience. As users experience the new features and improvements offered in iOS 18 Beta 3, they can expect a more fluid, efficient, and enjoyable experience interacting with their iOS devices.

Source and image credit: iDeviceHelp

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