Atmos Financial and Clean Energy Fund of Texas Join Forces to Help Communities and Businesses Invest Capital in Green Economy

Atmos’ Proven Financial Services Product Complements Clean Energy Fund’s Equity-Based Team Texas

HOUSTON, July 11, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Financial technology company Atmos Financial signed an agreement with the first “green bank” in Texas, Clean Energy Fund Texasto accelerate the deployment of capital in clean energy. The agreement is contingent on the Clean Energy Fund Texas receiving funding from the Coalition for Green Capital, which was recently awarded 5 billion dollars from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Clean Energy Fund Texas is a financing provider for Texans of all backgrounds. Its mission is to develop and provide Texans with cost-effective ways to finance the installation of clean, renewable energy sources such as solar power, battery storage, and energy efficiency improvements.

Atmos has developed proprietary software to leverage capital from the EPA’s Greenhouse Gas Relief Fund to help attract more private capital to support solar and electrification. Under the agreement, Atmos will acquire, underwrite and service clean energy loans while providing customers with a seamless experience and the highest level of security.

“Creation of the first green bank in Texas is a monumental event aimed at accelerating a just transition for all residents and businesses Texas,” he said Ravi MikkelsenCo-Founder and CEO of Atmos Financial. “Atmos is thrilled to have been selected to provide comprehensive lending services to the team, allowing them to focus on making an impact in their community rather than on back-office tasks and software development. Atmos’ network of banks and credit unions is poised to leverage its capital to expand the Clean Energy Fund of Texas “to reach even further.”

This will be Atmos Financial’s first partnership with a green bank, operating as a Clean Energy Fund Texas is a leader among green banks in the country when it comes to rapid establishment and development. Atmos ensures similar services as other private lenders across the country.

“We are excited to partner with Atmos Financial to help us leverage our federal funding to leverage more private capital to truly boost the green economy,” said Billy Briscore, CEO of the Clean Energy Fund of Texas“Atmos has a solid track record that, combined with our local knowledge and relationships, means more capital to create jobs, improve community health outcomes, make homes and businesses more resilient to extreme weather and save energy costs.”

Atmos collaborates with Banyan Infrastructure, with which the Clean Energy Fund Texas will also workto identify potential borrowers, develop cost-effective financing solutions and access real-time loan portfolio reporting.


Ravi MikkelsenCo-Founder and CEO of Atmos Financial (email protected)

Oliver BernsteinClean Energy Fund Texas, (email protected)

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