iPhone Users Beware: New International Scam Targets Devices, Bank Accounts – Technology News

iPhone users in India are facing a new security threat, according to a major warning issued by Cyber ​​​​Dost, the cybersecurity initiative of the Ministry of Home Affairs. This “transnational scam” is trying to hack into devices and steal money from bank accounts, destroying the perception that iPhones are immune to such attacks.

How does fraud work?

Fraudsters use fraudulent SMS messages that imitate official communications from India Post. These messages claim that a package delivery attempt failed due to “incomplete address information.” They create a sense of urgency by demanding that users update their contact information within 48 hours to avoid having their package returned.

The critical danger lies in the embedded link in the message. Clicking on this link directs users to a cleverly designed phishing site. These fake sites appear legitimate, imitating real delivery service portals, but their real goal is to steal confidential information such as passwords, credit card details, and even ID documents.

Here’s how to protect yourself from this scam:

Be cautious of messages reporting delivery problems, even if they appear official.

We strongly advise against clicking on links in these messages as they may lead to phishing sites.

If you are worried about your parcel, contact India Post directly using the official phone number or website. There you can check the delivery status and update your address if necessary.

Never share personal information, including passwords, credit card details and ID documents, via SMS or unverified websites.

If you receive a suspicious message claiming to be from India Post, report it directly to the department. Also, consider reporting the incident to the authorities to help stop the spread of this scam.