Kerala CM calls for integration of AI in key sectors for growth and better life

Kochi: Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan has emphasised the need to integrate Artificial Intelligence (AI) in key sectors to drive economic growth and improve the quality of life.
The Chief Minister said that Kerala has the potential to become India’s AI hub by leveraging AI tools and systems across sectors and also through indigenous contributions to the field.

The country’s first international conference on generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) was inaugurated at the Lulu Grand Hyatt Bolgatty International Convention Centre in Kochi on Thursday.

“Integration of AI across key sectors including tourism, healthcare, education, IT and renewable energy will boost economic growth and improve the quality of life of people. The conclave is a milestone towards elevating Kerala to the status of GenAI hub in the country. It assumes greater significance as it comes at a time when GenAI is rapidly expanding and opening up innumerable opportunities in the world,” the Prime Minister said.
He added that the government has identified artificial intelligence as a priority sector in its new industrial policy and expressed optimism that the state expects greater investment in the area of ‚Äč‚Äčartificial intelligence in the near future.

He said AI-enabled automated warning systems can be used to save lives in human-animal conflicts reported from areas close to forests. Similarly, AI can provide solutions for improving irrigation, agricultural production and mitigating climate change, protecting the environment and forecasting adverse weather events, he said. Minister for Industries, Law and Coir P Rajeeve chaired the opening session of the two-day flagship event organised by Kerala State Industrial Development Corporation (KSIDC) in association with IBM.

Rajeeve said that GenAI is set to revolutionize the industry by increasing efficiency and productivity. This meetup is a platform to explore opportunities like how GenAI can address real-life challenges and expand growth paths, besides developing tools that can benefit various sectors in our economy and society.

Addressing concerns that AI will replace jobs, Rajeeve said that those who learn these technologies will succeed and we need to equip ourselves with AI skills to remain relevant and competitive in the job market.

“This advantage will create new employment opportunities for our youth, besides driving economic growth and innovation. As Kerala is committed to this vision, the government has integrated AI into the curriculum in schools and trained 80,000 teachers on how to use AI tools. Universities have transformed their syllabuses to make them more responsive to new technologies,” the minister explained.

Lulu Group International CMD Shri Yusuff Ali MA, who is the Vice Chairman of NORKA Roots, was the guest of honour. Principal Secretary (Industries), APM Mohammed Hanish and Secretary, Electronics & IT Dr Rathan U Kelkar were also present at the inaugural session. Dinesh Nirmal, Senior Vice President, IBM, said the tech giant is focused on how to contribute to society through GenAI. KSIDC MD and Director, Industries & Commerce and Secretary, I&PRD, S Harikishore also spoke.

Also present were KSIDC Executive Director Hari Krishnan R., KSIDC Chairman Paul Antony, IT Mission Director Anu Kumari, CUSAT Vice-Chancellor Dr PG Sankaran, Digital University of Kerala Vice-Chancellor Dr Saji Gopinath and Kerala Startup Mission CEO Anoop Ambika.

The event brings together industry leaders, policymakers, and innovators to explore the transformative potential of AI. The event is attended by a range of participants, including developers, business leaders, academics and students, media and analysts, government officials, IBM customers, and their partners.