AWS App Studio can generate enterprise-class apps based on prompts

  • AWS has introduced a new application development tool called App Studio.
  • The new offering includes a generative AI assistant and simple language suggestions that enable enterprise-level app development.
  • AWS claims it can create an application that would take a programmer days to create.

When we attended AWS re:Invent in Las Vegas late last year, we had a chance to play around with a new platform called PartyRock that used generative AI to help AWS customers build apps for all sorts of things.

Now, the company has introduced a similar offering for enterprises with App Studio, which is currently in preview.

Simply put, App Studio offers a generative AI assistant as its primary interface and uses natural language prompts to make it easier for customers to build enterprise-grade apps.

“A user simply describes the app they want, what it should do, and what data sources they want to integrate with, and in minutes, App Studio creates an app that would take a professional developer days to build from scratch,” AWS explained in a press release.

The company also emphasized that App Studio is not intended to eliminate existing developers from the market, but is aimed at enterprises that have technical expertise but do not have a dedicated developer in-house to help them.

“App Studio is designed for technical people who have technical knowledge but are not professional developers. We enable them to build enterprise-grade apps,” Sriram Devanathan, general manager of Amazon Q Apps and AWS App Studio, said in a statement to TechCrunch.

The company is particularly interested in enterprises that work with multiple data sources and perform complex operations, which is why App Studio is a platform designed to create internal applications based on embedded business logic.

“App Studio opens up application development to technical professionals without software development skills (such as IT project managers, data engineers, and enterprise architects) by enabling them to quickly build internal applications that are secure and fully managed by AWS, eliminating the need for operational expertise. This allows users to focus on building applications that help solve business problems and increase productivity in their roles, while removing the burden of building and running applications,” it emphasized.

“App Studio’s AI-powered generative assistant eliminates the need to learn typical low-code tools, accelerating the app development process and simplifying common tasks such as user interface (UI) design, building workflows, and app testing,” AWS added.

“AWS App Studio opens up app development to a whole new set of creators, helping them build enterprise-class apps in minutes. Designed to meet the needs of the largest enterprise customers and the fastest-growing startups, App Studio is a powerhouse for technical workers in every company,” noted Dilip Kumar, Vice President of Applications at AWS.

While it remains to be seen how much interest there will be in this type of offering, we expect to see more of this type of solution at the AWS re:Invent conference later this year, and generative AI will once again become a key area of ​​focus for the hyperscaler.

For more information about AWS App Studio, click here.