36 Gadgets You’ll Love So Much You’ll Make All Your Friends Buy Them Too

Watch on TikTok how a laptop power bank works.

It is compatible with MacBook, Dell, XPS, iPad and other tablets, iPhones, Samsung phones, Apple Watch, AirPods, and even Nintendo Switch!

Promising review: “So far it has been like this the best power bank (of the five I have) in terms of flexibility and power specifications. I’ve been using it for a little over two weeks now to charge my MacBook Pro, Surface Laptop, S22 Ultra, and S7+ tablet. I appreciate the fact that I can charge my laptop, mobile phone and tablet at the same time. I also like the digital display (assuming it’s accurate, which it seems to be). I travel a lot and rely on power banks to keep my devices running when I’m working in the car, at the airport, or at a hotel. While the device is relatively slim, it’s quite wide, but still fits easily into both a backpack and a briefcase. Assuming it works, it will replace my other smaller power banks that I carry around in a relatively compact format. Overall, I really like it and am considering buying a second one for my wife.” —Walt

You can purchase it on Amazon for $69.98.