Jomla sets new bar for e-commerce in GCC with AI innovation – News

Jomla heralds AI-powered e-commerce revolution in GCC. Experience faster, smarter, and personalized online shopping today

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Published: Thu Jul 11, 2024 4:41 PM

Jomla, an e-commerce platform launched in 2019, has quickly become one of the top 20 shopping apps in the GCC. Using advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI), Jomla has significantly improved the online shopping experience.

This makes Jomla’s search engine AI-powered, fast, and accurate. It returns results in just 20 milliseconds; that’s seven times faster than any other shopping search engine, making it fast for any user who wants to find what they need instantly. The search engine understands misspelled words, so a customer will still find the products they want, even with spelling errors.

From the first interaction of a user with Jomla, AI tailors a personal shopping profile for each user. It understands their preferences, whether it is their favorite products, categories or brands. Everything is organized in such a way that customers receive relevant recommendations to make finding products easy and enjoyable.

Jomla uses an integrated set of AI tools in the backend to enhance its product offerings. These AI tools provide rich, detailed content that helps customers make informed purchasing decisions. This is followed by AI price tracking for over 100,000 products daily. This ensures that Jomla provides the best competitive prices at all times. All these value-focused features have strengthened customer trust and loyalty.

Jomla’s advanced AI technology has not only fueled its growth but also transformed the e-commerce landscape in the GCC. Its innovations have marked a different turn towards customer-centric shopping experiences, with an emphasis on speed, accuracy and value.

As Jomla continues to evolve, it will continue to advance technologies that will enhance the user experience. Its dedication to innovation ensures that it will make a difference in the e-commerce industry and help serve its customers better than any other organization.

Jomla’s growth in the GCC e-commerce space signifies the power of advanced AI technologies. In the online shopping segment, with its commitment to user experience and artificially intelligent fast searches, personalized recommendations and competitive pricing, Jomla has set a new standard.

By continuing this innovation, the company is positioning itself to maintain its edge in the sector and provide great value to its users. Additionally, Jomla’s commitment to cutting-edge AI makes it agile to changing market and consumer trends, positioning it for long-term success in the dynamic e-commerce scene.

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