Bored with your smartwatch? Buy the next popular gadget

Since January of last year, Samsung has been revealing information about its first smart ring – the “Galaxy Ring”. Today (Wednesday) at an official event at the Louvre in Paris, Samsung officially presented the capabilities of the new ring and gave more details about the premiere, which will take place this month in several countries around the world. In the meantime, Israelis will have to wait for the next round of ring premieres.

The main idea of ​​the Galaxy Ring is comfort of wearing. It is designed to wink at users who do not want or feel uncomfortable walking with a smartwatch on their wrist, especially during sleep. I wear the Ultrahuman ring, and the Samsung ring was narrower, so it is less bombastic on the finger.

(source: Samsung)

Got a Samsung watch? The ring makes your battery last longer

The ring makes it easier to track sleep, and it also offers longer battery life than watches. About seven days of battery life, compared to a day or two for some watches. Users who also own a Samsung watch will enjoy about 30% longer battery life on their watch, since some of the monitoring will be done by the ring.

The ring weighs just 2.3 to 3 grams, has a concave design in several colors: silver, gold and black with a titanium finish. The ring is water resistant to a depth of 100 meters (10 ATM) and comes in nine different sizes (select the appropriate size from the measurement set).

Like Samsung’s watches, the ring also works with a health app – Samsung Health, with Samsung emphasizing that it does not require a subscription fee for the information provided by the app. This is in contrast to the company that is the market leader today – Oura, which charges subscription fees for various uses of its app.

The ring and app offer insights into your sleep, including sleep patterns and tips for building better habits. For example, a sleep score that helps you understand whether or not you slept well that night, as well as measurements of sleep movement, heart rate, breathing rate during sleep, and cycle tracking that uses nighttime skin temperature monitoring.

Every morning, the app provides a health report that includes various health indicators: Energy Score provides recommendations for your current physical state and is calculated based on an assessment of your physical and mental state in four aspects: sleep, activity, heart rate during sleep and heart rate changes during sleep. In addition, you can receive personal messages about Wellness Tips (tips for quality of life), which are based on your personal data and interests.

(source: Samsung)

The app will tell you where the ring is

Additional information you get with the ring and app: alerts for particularly high or low heart rate, keep your active lifestyle and motivation high with walking and running tracking that automatically detects workouts and sends daily reminders about your fitness, including inactivity alerts (e.g. when you sit too long at work).

The ring also serves as a remote control for taking photos on your smartphone, using finger gestures. You can also cancel phone notifications this way.

One of the annoying things about smart rings is, of course, how easy it is to lose them. Samsung has integrated a “Find My Ring” feature into the Galaxy Ring that will show you exactly where the ring is.