Indiegogo goes beyond crowdfunding to support the full innovation journey, offering a new experience that includes lower fees, e-commerce and in-store retail

In addition to the new look and feel, Indiegogo is introducing new product features, including consumer insights, pre-crowdfunding reservations, time-based payments, volume discounts, giveaways, and lower fees for Innovators. IndieShop, a new e-commerce offering, attracts customers who want the coolest new products and introduces them to the crowdfunding ecosystem.

SAN FRANCISCO, July 11, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Indiegogo, the crowdfunding platform that connects innovators with early adopters, today announced new offerings that provide significantly greater support to innovators and creators as they take their ideas from concept to scale. Today’s news also includes the launch of IndieShop, an online shopping destination where people can buy previously crowdfunded, cutting-edge products available immediately.

“Today is a great day for entrepreneurs, creators, tech enthusiasts, and backers,” says Becky Center, CEO of Indiegogo. “Over the past 16 years, Indiegogo has helped nearly a million entrepreneurs and businesses build their brands, create go-to-market strategies, engage with their communities, and grow their audiences around the world. Since I took the helm of Indiegogo two years ago, my goal has been not only to remain a best-in-class crowdfunding platform, but also to expand our support of the innovator’s journey beyond the traditional 30- to 60-day crowdfunding campaign cycle. Our team has been hyper-focused on building new products and features to provide the Indiegogo community with the enhanced offerings we’re announcing today, while also introducing more benefits for backers and buyers that make Indiegogo a great place to start. this a meeting place for the latest and greatest products, innovations and creative ventures.”

Today’s announcement introduces noteworthy offerings that support creatives, products, and businesses from concept to scale. Highlights include:

  • Pre-crowdfunding offers:
    • Customer feedback
    • Reservations before take-off
    • Digital services before launch
  • Crowdfunding Improvements:
    • Pay in time
    • Quantity discounts per basket
    • Bonus gifts
  • After crowdfunding, e-commerce and retail distribution:
    • Pre-saleSponsor Guarantee for Pre-sale Campaigns
    • IndieShop launch, a new e-commerce destination where previously crowdfunded innovations are now available for purchase
    • Retail in store, a soon-to-be-announced partnership that will enable the most effective crowdfunding projects to be implemented in physical locations
  • Lower platform feeswhich will allow for more investment in company growth; For the rest of the year, Indiegogo will offer:
    • 4% for all Crowdfunding campaigns
    • 5% for all InDemand campaigns outside the platform (migrated from other platforms)

“Indiegogo is giving power to the people,” Center continued. “A bigger, bolder Indiegogo aims to bring more customers to our campaigns while introducing the concept of crowdfunding to a whole new audience.” Since launching in beta last year May 2024The IndieShop has grown to over 40 products. Plans for retail in the store include a shortlist of curated products, with live unboxings in the store. For the first time, interested backers will have the opportunity to try and test Indiegogo campaign products in real life. The hands-on experience introduces millions of people to products they might not have discovered otherwise, and builds trust in the innovator, which is a fundamental element of successful crowdfunding campaigns. “We’re really excited for the world to see what we’ve built and to showcase our vision for the future of crowdfunding.”

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