Protect your devices from heat and water damage with these summer electronics care tips

As summer hits its peak, it’s important to make sure your tech gadgets are prepared for the heat. Here are some basic tips to keep your devices safe during the hot months.

Calm down

Always keep your device in the shade to prevent overheating. If your device overheats, allow it to cool down slowly; sudden changes in temperature can cause damage. Use a laptop cooling pad when working outdoors and clean the fan regularly to improve its efficiency.

Use protection

Water damage is a serious risk in the summer. Standard phone cases can protect against drops, but not against water, dust, or sand. Consider investing in a waterproof case to protect your phone when you hit the beach or pool. For laptops, although there are no waterproof cases available, protective shells can help protect against dust and sand.

Keep it dry

For extra protection, especially near bodies of water like pools or beaches, use a waterproof backpack. Remember, devices outside of protective gear are still susceptible to damage.

From case to case

When going outside, protect your laptops with plastic covers from scratches and physical damage. For more solid protection, padded sleeves or cases provide better protection from impacts and debris. Always use a screen protector and a solid case for your phones and tablets to prevent scratches and other damage.

By following these tips, you can enjoy your summer without worries and with your tech gadgets at your fingertips.