NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell talks $4.7B verdict in Sunday ticket antitrust trial

After an LA jury unanimously ordered the NFL to pay about $4.7B in damages for allegedly colluding with DirecTV, CBS and Fox for violating antirust laws, Commissioner Roger Goodell appeared on CNBC Thursday morning to discuss the verdict.

“We obviously disagree with the jury verdict, and we are committed, obviously, to following the legal process,” said Goodell, noting the NFL is aware that it is a “long process.”

“We feel very strongly about our position, our policies, particularly on media, and bringing our sport to the largest possible audience,” Goodell added. “Sunday Ticket is just a complementary product. We are committed to following the litigation all the way, and making sure that we get this right.”

Under antitrust law, that verdict could be tripled to hit $14.1B. The NFL will next likely argue the judgment in a hearing on July 31.