SyAqua buys Primo USA

“This strategic acquisition will not only strengthen our current portfolio, but also pave the way for new market opportunities and, most importantly, protect our strain security with another nuclear and seed genetic expansion facility in the U.S.,” the company said in a press release.

According to SyAqua, Primo has a rich history as the first genetics company to use SPF vannamei populations from Ecuador to combat disease in large markets such as Mexico and China.

“This acquisition will allow us to leverage strong and well-developed genetic resources while significantly expanding our U.S. embryo and genetic cell propagation facilities,” SyAqua said in a statement.

“SyAqua now has the potential to leverage new genetic resources developed through years of selective breeding for disease tolerance. This strategic move opens the potential for more innovative selection strategies that will provide our customers with improved performance even in the most challenging production environments. We anticipate a significant increase in the supply of our U.S. pedigree stock production capacity by the end of 2024, with a potential production capacity of over 230,000 pedigree stock per year,” they added.

Meanwhile, SyAqua says it is continuing to refine its biofloc-based sewer production technologies.

The company said: “The acquisition of Primo enhances our genetic resources, which is consistent with our vision of sustainable business development and our commitment to managing the environmental impact of the blue economy, particularly in shrimp farming in Asia.

“In addition, our alliance with Ocean 14 Capital Fund strengthens our commitment to sustainable practices and innovative solutions in aquaculture.”