S’gor reviews policy banning foreigners from cooking at street stalls

SHAH ALAM:The Selangor state government will review regulations banning foreign workers from working as street food cooks, one of the first steps in a bid to prevent foreigners from operating stalls without a permit.

Selangor Local Government and Tourism Commission chairman Datuk Ng Suee Lim said the policy implemented by the Penang government is difficult to enforce due to the state’s large population of more than seven million.

“There will be a protest from stall operators if we implement such a policy. Therefore, we will review the proposal and consult with the Penang government on its implementation. We will try to implement it if appropriate,” he told the Selangor State Legislative Assembly today.

Ng was responding to a supplementary question from Chua Wei Kiat (PH-Rawang), who proposed that the Selangor government should follow the measure implemented by the Penang government on January 1, 2016.