B&M shoppers are rushing to snap up the handy checkout scanning gadget for just 10p instead of £20

B&M has slashed the price of a handy gadget that lets you scan at checkouts for just 10p.

The savvy shopper spotted this bargain item at a discount retailer that usually sells for £20.

The cost of the headphones has been significantly reduced to 10 penceSource: B&M Bargains, Extreme Money and more

The Mixx True Wireless Streambuds are available for purchase in both black and white.

In a post on a Facebook group called B&M Bargains, Extreme Money and More, a shopper posted a photo of the product, which featured a 10p coin surrounded by exclamation marks.

Others were similarly shocked to discover that the earphones could be purchased at such a low price.

Someone commented: “Buy me some for 10p.”

Another said: “???? Really. Where!!!!”

Another said: “Last year I bought stacks for £5 each, now they are end of line so this is the last sale, unlikely to find them in other shops but not impossible.”

The huge price cut is likely due to a stock clearance, so it’s always worth calling ahead to make sure your local store actually has the product.

You can find your nearest B&M store by using the store locator on its website.

We couldn’t find the exact original price of the product at B&M, but a similar version of the Mixx True Wireless headphones can be bought on eBay for £15.

Remember to always look for the best deals.

“I need to get to my local shop,” say shoppers as they rush to B&M to check out the “daily sale” – household items from 47p

There are plenty of price comparison websites out there that will check the prices for you – so don’t overpay.

Most of them work by comparing prices across hundreds of retailers.

For example, Google Shopping is a tool that allows users to search and compare prices of products online.

Idealo is another website that allows you to compare prices between retailers.

All shoppers need to do is search for the product they need and the website will rank it from cheapest to most expensive.

Why you can find such great deals at B&M

SENIOR digital editor Abby Wilson, who loves shopping at B&M, shares her thoughts on why the chain is the place to go to pick up a bargain…

We all love B&M (especially me). It’s a one-stop-shop for everything from gardening and homeware to snacks and cleaning products.

Not only do we love how diverse B&M is (because who wants to go to five different stores these days?!), but the prices are great too.

If you’re on a budget, B&M is definitely worth a visit as they’re full of great deals.

Not only are there great deals on cheap products, but B&M is also full of fakes – so if you want to buy beauty products that don’t cost as much as designer brands, you’ve got to go there.

Likewise, these retailers are keen to keep up with trends – so if you see something at H&M Home but you’re on a tight budget and can’t afford the price, wait a few weeks and you’ll probably spot something similar on the shelves at your local B&M.

There are lots of other bargains to be found at B&M, including the Illumalight 10W Wireless Charger with LED which is usually £10 but can be bought for 10p.

Popular dog food can be purchased for as little as 10 pence.

The discovery was made when an excited customer alerted the ‘Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK’ Facebook group to her find – Naturo Natural Pet Food.

Posting a photo of multiple packs of 12 cans, she wrote: “Bargain or what… 10p, yes 10p each!”

She claims she managed to get the matter sorted at the B&M store in Cannock.

She made no apology for clearing the shelves, adding that she had three large Rottweilers to keep her happy.

The post went viral on Facebook and many people raved about the deal.

High street retailer B&M has slashed the price of a popular kitchen gadget that lets you scan at checkouts, down to just £1.

An astute shopper spotted this bargain gadget at a discount retailer that usually retails for around £20.

We couldn’t find the exact original price of the helicopter on B&M, but other retailers such as Amazon sell it for £18.95.

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