Government eases rhetoric on ceramic import tariffs, but questions remain – Regulations

The government has softened its rhetoric by threatening to impose anti-dumping duties of 200 percent on imported ceramic products, saying the maximum rate would only apply to companies that fail to cooperate with the government investigation.

The interim director general of the Ministry of Industry for chemical, textile and various industries, Reni Yanita, said: Jakarta Post On Wednesday, it was announced that the highest tariff on ceramics imported from China is 199.88 percent; this duty will be imposed only on stubborn importers covered by the recently concluded anti-dumping investigation.

“If a company voluntarily filled out a questionnaire (during the investigation), that means they are cooperating.” The assumption, she added, was that “if they were willing to cooperate, they might not be guilty of dumping,” Reni said.

“If they haven’t filled out the questionnaire, (it means) they are ready for the highest tariff,” she added.

An importer deemed cooperative would be subject to a lower tariff, Reni said, but declined to say how much. No government official contacted Fasting was willing to reveal how many parties cooperated or were included in the investigation.

The policy has not been implemented yet as it is awaiting approval from the Ministry of Industry after which it will go to the Ministry of Finance, which will introduce technical regulations on import duty.

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These multi-agency actions are based on the findings of an investigation into ceramic imports from China conducted by the Indonesian Anti-Dumping Commission (KADI).