What’s New in macOS 15 Sequoia Beta 3

macOS 15 Sequoia Beta 3

Apple has released the macOS 15 Sequoia Beta 3 update, bringing a wealth of new features, improvements, and enhancements to the operating system. This update focuses primarily on improving system settings, improving Apple apps, and improving the user interface. Currently, the Beta 3 update is available exclusively to developers, allowing them to test and provide feedback on new features before the public release. The video below from Half Man Half Tech gives us a detailed look at the latest beta version of macOS.

System settings improvements

The macOS 15 Sequoia Beta 3 update brings several significant changes to the system settings. Upon opening the General tab, users will be greeted with an updated banner and logo, providing a fresh and modern look. Apple has made meticulous font changes to improve readability, ensuring that text is clearer and easier on the eyes. Additionally, the build number has been updated, reflecting ongoing efforts to improve system stability and performance.

  • Updated banner and logo in General tab
  • Adjusting the font to improve readability
  • Updated build number indicating stability improvements

Apple App Updates

This update brings improvements to several key Apple apps. QuickTime, Apple Music, and Apple TV apps have all received updates to improve their functionality and user experience. One of the notable additions is the new HDMI pass-through feature in the Apple TV app, which supports Dolby Atmos audio. This feature allows users to enjoy a more immersive and high-quality sound experience when watching content through their Mac.

  • Improved features in QuickTime, Apple Music, and Apple TV apps
  • New HDMI Pass-Through Feature in Apple TV App with Dolby Atmos Audio Support

Seamless integration with iPhone

macOS 15 Sequoia Beta 3 takes iPhone integration to the next level. When mirroring your iPhone screen to your Mac, you’ll now experience improved resolution and dynamic borders for a smoother, more visually engaging experience. Additionally, notification support between iPhone and Mac has been improved, allowing for smoother interaction and syncing between the two devices.

  • Improved resolution and dynamic borders when transferring images from iPhone to Mac
  • Improved notification support between iPhone and Mac

User interface improvements

Apple has made several changes to the user interface to improve navigation and accessibility. The system settings have been thoughtfully reorganized, making it easier for users to find and access the options they want. The Siri tab has been updated with an old icon, indicating that a new look and additional features are in the works. Dark mode has also been improved, although some Mac apps may still require further adjustments to provide a consistent and visually pleasing experience.

  • Reorganized system settings for better accessibility
  • Updated Siri card with old icon, waiting for new look and features
  • Dark Mode Improvements, with Further Adjustments Needed for Some Mac Apps

Exciting new features

The macOS 15 Sequoia Beta 3 update introduces several exciting new features. The Shazam app has received updates, including new animations and prompts that improve the user experience when identifying songs. The emoji character view has been refreshed with new icons, so users can express themselves with a wider range of options. Additionally, Apple has provided a preview of the “Image Playground,” an AI-powered image generator that offers a glimpse into the future capabilities of the operating system.

  • Shazam app updates with new animations and prompts
  • Refreshed emoji character view with new icons
  • Preview of “Image Playground,” an AI-powered image generator

Continuous improvements and future updates

Apple continues to gather feedback from developers on various aspects of the operating system. Feedback has been collected on the dark mode icons and screen savers, indicating areas for further refinement and improvement. The company is actively working to address these issues to provide a more polished and consistent user experience.

Looking to the future, Apple is preparing for public beta macOS 15 Sequoia. This will allow a wider audience to experience new features and improvements first-hand, providing valuable feedback that will shape the final version. With each iteration, Apple strives to deliver a stable, feature-rich, and intuitive operating system that meets user needs.

macOS 15 Sequoia Beta 3 is a significant step forward for Apple’s operating system. With a focus on system settings, Apple apps, user interface improvements, and exciting new features, this update lays the groundwork for a more refined and efficient user experience. While developers continue to test and provide feedback, Apple remains committed to delivering an exceptional operating system that sets the standard for performance, features, and innovation.

Source and author of the photo: Half Man Half Tech

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