What’s new in iOS 18 Beta 1 (video)

iOS 18 Beta 1

Apple has unveiled iOS 18 Beta 1, a long-awaited update that brings a slew of new features and improvements to the iOS ecosystem. Currently available to developers, with a public beta planned for July, iOS 18 Beta 1 is compatible with all iOS 17-enabled devices, from the iPhone XR to the cutting-edge iPhone 15 Pro Max. This update focuses on four key areas: customization, security, performance and AI integration, providing a more personalized, secure and efficient user experience. The video below from Zollotech gives more details on a number of new features coming to iPhone with this update.

Unprecedented home screen personalization

One of the most striking changes in iOS 18 Beta 1 is the significantly improved home screen customization. Users now have freedom freely rearrange app icons, resize widgets and adjust icon sizes, allowing for a truly personalized layout. Moreover, the introduction of customizable icons for dark mode, light mode and dimmable options further allows users to customize the appearance of the device to their preferences.

Redesigned Control Center and app blocking

The control center has undergone a sleek redesign, featuring curved elements and resizable controls. Users can easily customize Control Center to their needs with a new power button and quick add options for improved usability. Security is a major topic in iOS 18 Beta 1, with the launch locking apps with Face ID or Touch ID. This keeps sensitive information safe, and the ability to hide apps in a hidden folder adds an extra layer of privacy.

  • Customizable lock screen with new iOS 18 wallpapers and icon placement options
  • A completely redesigned Photos app with improved search capabilities and pinned collections
  • Smart suggestions and features for recording incoming calls and live transcription in the Phone app

Improved password management and streamlined settings

Password management is gaining momentum with the introduction of the new Passwords app. Offering secure encryption and seamless synchronization, this app ensures that user passwords are safe and easy to access. The Settings app has also been improved – app-related settings have been moved to individual apps, making navigation and customization more intuitive.

Improved browsing and communication

Safari, Apple’s flagship web browser, now includes: Highlighting feature for smart summaries and previews. Combined with the new Reader View and improved performance, browsing the web on iOS devices is now more efficient and enjoyable than ever. The Messages app has also received significant improvements, supporting RCS messaging, enabling richer communications. Users can now schedule messages to send later, highlight text with effects, and use any emoji for undo options. Notably, satellite news is now available in areas without cellular or Wi-Fi coverage, allowing users to stay connected even in remote locations.

  • Game Mode optimizes performance and improves responsiveness of AirPods and game controllers
  • Improvements to the journaling app include the ability to add a state of mind to entries and improved search capabilities
  • Minor improvements across the operating system, such as a new flashlight animation on the lock screen

The future of artificial intelligence integration

Perhaps the most exciting addition in iOS 18 Beta 1 is a greater focus on artificial intelligence integration. New Siri UI and upcoming features incl ChatGPT-4 integration, promise to introduce advanced functionalities to the iOS platform. As AI continues to evolve, users can expect more intuitive and efficient features in future updates.

Please note that as with any beta release, iOS 18 Beta 1 may still contain bugs and may cause devices to overheat or lag. Users are advised to wait for more stable versions before upgrading their primary devices. However, the wealth of new features and improvements in this update demonstrate Apple’s commitment to providing cutting-edge, user-centric mobile experiences.

Image credit and credit: Zollotech

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