About the company: Energy announces demonstration to accelerate innovation in battery management systems

About the company: Energy has seamlessly integrated its industry-leading Voltt battery data with STMicroelectronics’ comprehensive automotive solutions to enable companies to develop safe, efficient and cost-effective battery management systems (BMS) in-house.

The offering addresses the time-consuming and expensive BMS development process by combining About:Energy’s validated battery data for various chemistry with STMicroelectronics’ AutoDevKit platform.

This streamlines design cycles, protects intellectual property, accelerates BMS prototyping and enables comprehensive solutions for safety monitoring, performance optimization, state of charge assessment and fast charging.

The integrated BMS solution presented its capabilities on June 6 at the Plug and Play EXPO2024 fair in Stuttgart, where it won the Global Innovation Award.

“We are excited to partner with STMicroelectronics, a recognized leader shaping the future of automotive electronics,” said Gavin White, co-founder and CEO of About:Energy. “By combining our battery modeling expertise with their state-of-the-art hardware and software, we enable companies of all sizes and across industries, from electric vehicles, aviation, grid storage and more, to unleash new levels of safety, performance and efficiency in their electrification initiatives. “

STMicroelectronics supports BMS technology by combining its automotive solutions with About:Energy’s innovative models, enabling companies to turn their electrification vision into reality while protecting intellectual property.

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