Indonesia PLN focuses on renewable energy to achieve net zero emissions

Surabaya (ANTARA) – CEO of PLN East Java’s main distribution unit, Agus Kuswardoyo, commented on the state-owned utility’s initiatives to achieve energy transition and net-zero emissions (NZE) by 2060.

“These efforts include short- and long-term plans, as well as the development of renewable energy and its supporting ecosystem,” he said on Tuesday during a lecture at the University of August 17, 1945 (Untag) in Surabaya, East Java.

Kuswardoyo emphasized that PLN’s strategic approach focuses on greening the electricity supply, decarbonizing fossil fuel power plants and developing new renewable energy sources.

He stressed the importance of balancing electricity supply reliability, affordability and environmental sustainability in achieving NZE 2060.

“Moreover, PLN’s involvement goes beyond the corporate level, supporting cooperation with stakeholders, including local governments,” he added.

Cooperation and synergy were built with various parties to accelerate the energy transition process, including electricity generation on isolated islands.

PLN intends to increase its solar energy generation capacity by 2027 to eliminate its dependence on diesel fuel in the future. Additionally, the company has prepared infrastructure to support the electric vehicle (EV) ecosystem by installing hundreds of public charging stations.

During the event, the PLN East Java Main Distribution Unit provided a grant for equipment to equip Untag’s electricity distribution system laboratories, demonstrating its support for education.

Untag Vice Chancellor Harjo Seputro expressed his appreciation for PLN’s support in sharing knowledge and providing equipment.

“PLN is here to share observations about the electricity industry, and no less important is the donation of equipment for laboratories dealing with electricity distribution,” he emphasized.

He stated that lecture can increase students’ competencies, knowledge, skills, perspectives and experience.

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