Apple is releasing a set of updates for Vision Pro

Still not worth the $3,500 price tag

Cult of Fruity Cargo Apple has just unveiled VisionOS 2 for its Vision Pro spatial computing headset, which it says brings new features and improvements to the expensive and poorly selling device.

One of the key updates is the introduction of an ultra-wide virtual display, which allows the Vision Pro headset to be connected to a Mac, creating a dual curved, ultra-wide display equivalent to 4K resolution. However, keep in mind that the current Virtual Display feature only supports a single display with a resolution of up to 5K, which may not be the revolution Apple dreams of.

At launch, the Vision Pro worked with trackpads, but strangely left out mouse support. Now they’re adding it. You can use the mouse on the Vision Pro mirror display, but not outside it – say, on an iPad or in the Vision Pro app.

The new update allows you to convert any image in the Photos app into a 3D image. That’s great, but is it a breakthrough feature or just a fancy filter?

Apparently, VisionOS 2 extends the Vision Pro’s travel mode beyond airplanes. Nothing encourages the “need for immersive spatial experiences” like a crowded commuter train.

Apple has made changes to SharePlay and Immersive content. SharePlay is coming to the VisionOS Photos app, allowing you to share the app with other Vision Pro owners using Spatial Personas – if you can find them.

Canon is releasing a new surround lens for the EOS R7, designed specifically for content creation for the Vision Pro. However, the Vision Pro content issue has been there since day one and will take a long time to fix. The smart money is that Apple loses interest in the product.