Electric vehicle charging stations: Autorité issues an opinion


Within this opinion, which focuses on mainland France (excluding Corsica), Authority examined two complementary sectors that are necessary for the mass deployment of light electric vehicles (excluding trucks and two-wheelers) and their adoption by the French:

  • publicly accessible EVCI and related activities (installation and operation of EVCI and provision of mobility and interoperability services);
  • EVCI for private use, in residential buildings.

Recommendations for the French government, sector regulators and industry players

This Opinion is addressed to the French State (legislator, shareholder and concessionaire), the relevant local and regional authorities, sectoral regulatory authorities and the many actors in the value chain who are also responsible for stimulating competition in the two sectors analyzed:

  • Legislative, regulatory and organizational recommendations are presented to complement the legal framework in which these multiple entities operate and to optimize government support for these two growth sectors. The goal is twofold: to create appropriate conditions for the emergence of a competitive sector and to support consumers in the process of changing consumption habits;
  • at the same time, it highlights a number of non-exhaustive potential competitive threats that require particular vigilance to maintain competition on its merits and support innovation, as well as the quality and diversity of offerings in these emerging sectors.

The Authority Recalls that industry actors can now request informal guidance in the area of ​​sustainability, as part of the notice published on 27 May 2024.