New wallpapers for Apple devices will delight WWDC24 observers

new wallpapers for apple devices

This macOS 15 wallpaper features retro icons.
Photo: Basic Apple Guy

Apple Let Loose Event:In the new software versions from WWDC24, we found more valuable curiosities: new wallpapers for Apple devices. They include Mac versions inspired by old-school icons, landscape and portrait wallpapers for the iPad in a variety of colors, and similar pretty images for the iPhone.

“This new dynamic wallpaper floats over the iconography of the old Macintosh computer, the Control Panel and applications like Calculator and MacWrite, Apple’s early word processor,” Basic Apple Guy said about the new old Mac wallpaper he found.

WWDC24: Download new Apple wallpapers with cool retro elements for Mac, iPhone and iPad

The truly intrepid user who isn’t afraid of a few bugs can join the Apple Beta Development Program to find new wallpapers in the early beta versions of macOS 15, iOS 18 and iPad OS 18. But if you just want quick and easy access to new wallpapers without worrying about temporarily bricking your device with buggy beta software, use the links below. Third party sites have downloaded new wallpapers for you.

So just use the links below to websites offering wallpaper. After click download image, will open in full screen. You can then click and hold the image or right click on it, then select Save image as write down and name.

Once downloaded, open the file Settings app and select Wallpaper. You should see an option to add or change the wallpaper on your device’s screen. For example, on iPhone you can set different images for Lock screen AND Home screen. Another way to bring up the wallpaper editor with “Add new wallpaper” written at the top is: click and hold on the lock screen and then click plus icon (“+”) in the bottom right corner.

Note: If you prefer macOS wallpaper but want to have it on your mobile device, it’s still possible. You can download them to your iPhone or iPad, create a file Photo albumand set it to random rotation as your lock screen.

Browse and download new wallpapers for your Apple devices using the links below: