The Skoda Kodiaq iV PHEV starts from £41,935 OTR

Skoda Kodiaq iV PHEV
The Skoda Kodiaq iV will revolutionize the plug-in hybrid SUV market with an impressive combination of performance, efficiency and innovative technologies. In response to the constantly growing demand for environmentally friendly vehicles, Skoda has proposed a model that does not compromise on driving experience and practicality. The Kodiaq iV is poised to be a game-changer in the automotive industry, offering a compelling solution for environmentally conscious consumers looking for the best of both worlds.

A closer look at the innovative Kodiaq iV powertrain

The heart of the Skoda Kodiaq iV is: Second generation plug-in hybrid system which seamlessly integrates a 150 HP 1.5 TSI petrol engine with a powerful 116 HP electric motor. This advanced powertrain enables the Kodiaq iV to operate in all-electric mode for distances of up to 120 km, making it an ideal choice for people who mainly commute to work in the city or for short trips. A large 25.7 kWh battery, strategically located under the rear seats, increases the vehicle’s impressive range and efficiency, setting it apart from the competition in the plug-in hybrid SUV segment.

What’s more, the Kodiaq iV has something to boast about Possibility of fast charging with direct current, which allows you to charge the battery from 10% to 80% in just 26 minutes. This feature provides owners with an additional level of convenience, ensuring that longer journeys or unexpected detours can be easily completed without the need for lengthy charging sessions.


Trim levels and prices: options for every budget

The Skoda Kodiaq iV is available in two well-equipped trim levels to suit a wide range of preferences and budgets. The SE model, which has a starting price of £41,935 OTR, offers an impressive range of features, including stylish 18-inch alloy wheels, energy-saving LED lights and a sleek 13-inch touchscreen. This trim level offers an excellent balance of affordability and functionality, making it an attractive choice for value-conscious buyers.

For those looking for a better driving experience, the SE L model, priced from £44,635 OTR, provides an even more comprehensive package. In addition to SE features, the SE L boasts larger 19-inch alloy wheels, advanced Matrix LED headlights and the added comfort of electrically adjustable driver’s seat. These high-quality additions enhance both the aesthetics and overall driving experience of the Kodiaq iV.

Both trim levels are currently available to order and are expected to generate strong interest among fleet drivers. The all-electric Kodiaq iV’s impressive range and low Benefit in Kind rating of just 5% make it an extremely attractive proposition for companies looking to reduce their carbon footprint and minimize operating costs.


Skoda’s commitment to sustainability and innovation

The launch of the Kodiaq iV is testament to Skoda’s unwavering commitment to sustainability and innovation in the automotive industry. As demand for environmentally friendly transport solutions continues to grow, Skoda is well positioned to meet changing consumer needs with a growing range of plug-in hybrid and electric vehicles.

For people interested in learning about other Skoda offers with a plug-in hybrid drive Octavia IV this is another model worth attention. This versatile vehicle combines the practicality of a family car with the efficiency and environmental benefits of a plug-in hybrid powertrain, making it an excellent choice for those looking for a versatile and sustainable driving experience.

Skoda Kodiaq iV PHEVSkoda Kodiaq iV PHEV

Looking to the future, Skoda’s upcoming range of electric vehicles promises to push the boundaries of innovation even further. By focusing on delivering innovative technologies, exceptional performance and uncompromising durability, Skoda is poised to become a leader in the rapidly growing electric vehicle market. Whether consumers are looking for a spacious family SUV or a compact city car, Skoda’s diverse range of vehicles ensures there is a product perfectly suited to every lifestyle and driver’s requirements.

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