Apica Announces New Capabilities of Apica Ascent Platform Following Key Acquisitions

STOCKHOLM and EL SEGUNDO, California, June 11, 2024 – Apika, a leader in data management and active observability, today announced new capabilities for its Apica Ascent platform. Following the company’s acquisition of Data Fabric innovator LOGIQ.AI and telemetry data management pioneer Circonus, Apica has integrated the capabilities of both organizations into its platform to provide deeper insight into data management. This makes it easier for customers to collect the data they need and seamlessly apply it to their systems and platforms.

In addition to two acquisitions in the last 10 months, Apica announced $16 million in new capital. With this funding, it expanded its CTO Office and strengthened its engineering, research and development teams. These activities are critical to achieving the integration necessary to announce Apica Ascent 2.0 today.

Enterprise technology buyers face an increasingly complex data landscape in today’s global landscape. According to a Gartner report, at least 40% of organizations will implement data storage management solutions for classification, analysis and optimization by 2027, up from 15% in early 20231. This exponential growth in data volumes, combined with the need for seamless availability and reliability, poses a huge challenge to CIOs and IT leaders. Companies continue to deal with unprecedented amounts, speeds and diversity of data, so it is important to use this information to draw business conclusions, improve decision-making and maintain a competitive advantage.

“Apica is built on the premise of agility and meeting the needs of enterprise customers where they are,” said Ranjan Parthasarathy, chief technology and product officer at Apica. “Organizations are struggling to manage tool proliferation, so we’ve provided a platform that ensures their existing and digital transformation strategies work well together. They don’t have to abandon their legacy tools when modernizing – Apica can help keep everything working together to deliver the insights your business needs. We regularly hear from customers and in reviews that we are easy to implement, easy to use and manage, and our costs are the lowest.”

The Ascent 2.0 platform is the result of Apica’s strategic approach to looking at data management as the fundamental issue at the heart of the challenges companies face when processing machine/operational data. The company first introduced the platform in 2022 and focused on monitoring. As customer needs have changed, Apica has adapted to solve their data management challenges as a true observability and data management company. With strategic acquisitions now incorporated into the Ascent platform, the company continues to modernize observability. The platform covers a range of topics including networking, performance, compute, memory, storage and file system metrics, and collects application data such as logs, metrics and traces from an organization’s runtime applications.

Apica assumes that observability is a data problem; therefore, it is essential to ensure that the necessary controls are in place to enable data transformation and cleansing. This is part of the company’s data management strategy, with which customers can now have full control over their data challenges, such as growing data volume, rising data costs and poor data quality.

“Many tools on the market solve the search problem, not the data problem. We are solving the data problem, which is the core of our data management architecture,” Parthasarathy added. “We support an approach that does not confine our clients to a walled garden. With the advent of generative artificial intelligence, we face an even greater increase in data. Customers will also need open source solutions to reduce costs and avoid a proprietary technology situation where data is locked away. Apica covers everything that supports ecosystem connectors, enabling the availability of open protocols and data collectors in the open ecosystem, and it doesn’t stop there. We continue to work on open source software to provide the widest possible reach and help customers better control their data.

To learn more about Apica Ascent 2.0 Here and a deeper look at how it works Here.

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