Logistics UK: The next government has a huge opportunity to build on the sector’s stable foundations

New report published today by Logistics Great Britain identifies the opportunities presented by a sector that works at the heart of everyone Great Britain economic activity must drive economic recovery. Business group yearbook Logistics The report shows how an industry that generates annual revenues of £1.3 trillion and contributes £185 billion to Great BritainGVA results – cautious optimism was set for 2024 and beyond, and areas where the sector could help accelerate the economy were identified.

38% of respondents Logistics Great BritainIndustry Survey predicts economic improvement in 2024 compared to 2023, but as CEO David Wells OBE explains, this year has been a year of consolidation, not a move towards growth:

Logistics Great Britain Chief executive David Wells OBE said: “It is clear that our industry continues to operate in difficult conditions, but the report paints a picture of a sector that is consolidating and taking steps to prepare to take advantage of the opportunities that will arise as the overall economic situation improves myself. Our sector’s contribution of £185 billion in gross value added in 2022 (the latest official figures available) is in line with the £160.2 billion figure for 2021 when other factors are taken into account, so it is too early to conclude that the economy is returning to growth.

“Giving £185 billion to… Great Britain a major achievement as the sector grapples with global geopolitical volatility, new trade processes, financial recession and supply chain pressures from changing climate conditions. This demonstrates the sector’s resourcefulness and adaptability to sustain Great Britain trade and meeting the needs of both businesses and consumers.

The report also includes the latest Logistics Great Britain A business performance index that shows overall business confidence and investment levels remain stable and consistent through 2023. In particular, the sector reports extremely positive sentiment regarding the adoption of new technologies, reflecting the importance of continuous innovation in the sector.

“Our sector is often at the forefront of adopting new transportation technologies,” Wells continued, “with new solutions helping businesses move away from repetitive tasks or eliminate access restrictions imposed in clean air zones. Logistics continues to innovate to be ready for the next challenge, and it is encouraging to see how willing our sector is to take on the challenges we face.”

Logistics remains one of Great Britainmost important employers: in March 2023, there were 214,160 of them Logistics companies operating in Great Britain, employing approximately 8% of the country’s workforce. However, according to Logistics It is important to report that job types are changing as automation and technology continue to improve, and statistics show that there has been a sectoral shift, with management and director roles in purchasing, transportation and distribution seeing significant growth.

David Wells continued: “For the next government, whoever is elected, there is a huge opportunity to build on the sector’s stable foundations and create an operating environment that enables the industry to thrive and deliver economic growth for the benefit of the whole world Great Britain. Our sector is linked to so many aspects of society and business that we need senior representatives in government and we are urging all political parties, if elected in July, to appoint a dedicated Logistics and Minister of Supply Chain. It is predicted that with the right investment, policy changes and the right partnership with government, this sector could deliver economic growth of up to £7.9 billion a year. Great BritainGDP in productivity growth by 2030.”

The Logistics The report provides a comprehensive benchmark for the industry, reflecting on the past year and identifying future trends and sentiment in the sector. It combines the latest official statistics, industry expert insights and findings Logistics Great BritainIndustry Survey, which surveyed 500 members to gauge industry sentiment – details and summary of the report can be found here: www.Logisticsorg.Great Britain/research-hub/reports/Logistics-report