Flatiron Software provides snapshot reviews to ensure accurate developer performance in real-time using artificial intelligence

New Flatiron product transforms engineering performance management with artificial intelligence and real-time data integration.

Flatiron Software Co., a rapidly growing software development company, today announces the launch of its first proprietary product, Snapshot Reviews, an engineering management platform designed to increase the productivity of software development teams and help leaders make strategic decisions. Using advanced AI technology and integration of data from multiple sources, Snapshot Reviews aims to become an essential tool in managing engineering teams, delivering value every day.

58% of managers believe that their current approach to performance management does not deliver high results. Relying on subjective signals and disconnected tools, CTOs often overlook truly productive teams, while less effective teams receive excessive recognition. This not only affects team morale, but also negatively affects overall productivity and efficiency. Snapshot Reviews solves this problem by consolidating data from a variety of tools and processes commonly used by development teams, including GitHub, Jira, Slack, Sprint Retrospectives, and 360° Reviews. This integration allows for a holistic view of team performance by pulling data directly from the tools and resources employees actively use, leaving no room for guesswork.

Snapshot provides real-time, multi-dimensional insight into your engineering team’s performance through an interactive dialog screen powered by advanced AI, going beyond simple approvals or superficial data points. By consolidating data from multiple data layers, it offers AI-generated team performance feedback, benchmarking, work estimation, and comprehensive reviews through carefully crafted prompts, offering managers valuable insights and actionable recommendations.

“What sets Snapshot Reviews apart is the use of advanced AI analysis and real-time data integration. Unlike other tools that only offer periodic updates or focus on single data points, Snapshot Reviews provides a multi-dimensional view of your team’s performance,” said Flatiron CEO Kirimgeray Kirimli. “Our platform provides the most accurate and up-to-date information to make informed decisions.”

Additionally, Snapshot’s advanced scoping and ticket estimating features enable teams to plan and allocate resources more accurately, ensuring better alignment with project schedule and goals. The platform’s intuitive dashboards offer additional perspectives, such as early warning of potential blockers, long before they can impact the dynamics of an ongoing project. In addition to supporting engineering teams and their leaders, Snapshot Reviews also benefits HR and Finance departments by offering a comprehensive solution to meet a wide range of organizational needs. This broad applicability combined with comprehensive, multi-dimensional insights makes Snapshot Reviews an essential tool across departments, significantly enhancing its overall value proposition.

About Flatiron Software Co.

Flatiron, a full-stack software development company, provides end-to-end project execution – meeting companies’ needs for talented remote teams to assist with existing projects and new initiatives by providing platforms that streamline development teams. Flatiron was founded by former software engineering and management professionals who identified a gap in the market for hybrid software teams and built an innovative company by providing customers with the teams and tools they need to get the job done quickly and correctly.

Source: Flatiron Software Co.