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macOS Sequoia 15 is Apple’s upcoming 2024 operating system update for MacBook laptops and Mac desktop computers. After tightening integration between Mac and iPad in previous software updates, the company offered a lackluster update to macOS Sonoma that focused on improving video calling quality and boosting gaming performance.

With macOS Sequoia, the company is focusing on Apple Intelligence and several new features for Mac users.

What will Apple call macOS 15?

macOS 15 is called macOS Sequoia.

Apple Intelligence features in macOS Sequoia

Apple Intelligence works on iPhone, iPad and Mac.
Apple Intelligence works on iPhone, iPad and Mac. Image source: Apple Inc.

Exclusively for Apple Silicon Macs, Apple will offer Apple Intelligence, which is built-in artificial intelligence for “privacy from the ground up.” Here are the main features:

  • Writing tools: Users can rewrite, revise, and summarize text almost anywhere they write, including Mail, Notes, Pages, and third-party apps;
  • Picture Playground: Users can create fun images in seconds by selecting an animation, illustration or sketch. This app is built right into apps like Messages and is also available in a dedicated app;
  • Memories in photos: Users can create the stories they want to watch by simply entering a description. Apple Intelligence will select the best photos and videos based on descriptions, create a storyline from chapters based on themes identified in the photos, and arrange them into a video with its own narrative thread;
  • Cleaning Tool: This feature of the Photos app can identify and remove distracting objects in the background of your photo without accidentally changing the subject;
  • Siri: Users can write to Siri and switch between text and voice to communicate with Siri in whatever way she sees fit at the time.
  • ChatGPT Integration: If you think Apple Intelligence isn’t enough, you can allow ChatGPT to access typing tools and other features for better responsiveness.

macOS Sequoia features

In addition to Apple Intelligence, macOS Sequoia offers several new features for Mac users.

iPhone mirroring

iPhone mirroring on macOS SequoiaImage source: Apple Inc.

One of the biggest changes coming to macOS Sequoia is new iPhone mirroring function. This continuity feature allows users to fully access and use their iPhone directly from their Mac.

Apple says custom wallpapers and user icons look the same as they do on the iPhone, and the user can swipe pages on the home screen or launch and browse any of their favorite apps.

The keyboard, trackpad, and mouse on the Mac allow users to interact with their iPhone and even play sound. Users can drag and drop seamlessly between iPhone and Mac, and their iPhone stays locked so no one else can access or see what the user is doing.

Major updates to Safari

Image source: Apple Inc.

Here are some of the Safari features announced by Apple:

  • Overview of the most important events: It’s an easier way to find information on the Internet, such as directions, summaries or quick links to learn more about people, music, movies and TV shows.
  • Reader: The redesigned Reader offers even more ways to enjoy articles without distraction, including an improved view of the article the user is reading, a summary and table of contents for longer articles;
  • Video Detection: When Safari detects a video on a page, Viewer helps users bring it to the foreground while giving them full access to system playback controls, including picture-in-picture.

Updates on window tiling and video conferencing

macOS SequoiaImage source: Apple Inc.

Users can stay organized thanks to new ways of arranging windows to suit them best. When the user drags the window to the edge of the screenmacOS Sequoia automatically suggests tile placement on your desktop.

With new video conferencing tools, macOS Sequoia adds: new presenter preview which makes presentation easier. It allows users to see what they’re about to share before they share it, and works with apps like FaceTime and Zoom.

The Passwords app and new ways to stay safe

Passwords app for iOS 18, macOS Sequoia and iPadOS 18Image source: Apple Inc.

The new Keychain-based Passwords app makes it easier for users to access passwords, keys, Wi-Fi passwords and verification codes.

Additionally, Apple has released new features that allow users block and hide apps. When an app is locked or hidden, content such as messages and emails in the app is hidden from searches, notifications, and other places on your system. Users can only unlock it using Face ID and Touch ID.

Additional macOS Sequoia features

Even more coming to macOS Sequoia 15:

  • The news have received major updates that improve user expression and stay connected. These include all-new text effects, emojis and Tapback stickers, and the ability to schedule messages to be sent later.
  • Apple Maps introduces even more ways to explore the world, including curated hikes and custom walking routes. Starting this fall, users will be able to browse thousands of hikes in all 63 national parks in the United States, filter them by length, elevation and route type, and save them for offline use.
  • Photos now comes Collection, which automatically organizes the user’s library into useful topics. The search function has also been updated so that users can get results quickly.
  • Note – party Notes is getting smarter, making it easier than ever to take detailed and well-written notes. New audio transcription and summarization features in Apple Intelligence allow the device to take notes for the user so they can stay present when they need to capture details of what’s happening. And if they want to crunch a number quickly, they can simply type in the equation and it will automatically solve in the body of the note.
  • Updated Calculator the app allows users to see previous calculations with history and see their expressions as they type.
  • Calendar shows events and tasks from Reminders, making it easier to view, edit, and complete tasks throughout the day. The updated Month View makes it easy to see events and reminders throughout the month.

macOS 15 release date

macOS Sequoia is expected to be released later this fall, in conjunction with the announcement of the iPhone 16.

When can I try the macOS 15 beta?

Create a web app on macOS Sonoma using Safari.Image source: Apple Inc.

If you’re a developer, you can try macOS Sequoia now. Just follow the steps below:

  • Once you’ve signed up for the developer beta, go to Settings;
  • Open General and select Software Update
  • Click Beta Updates and switch from macOS Sonoma Developer Beta to macOS 15 Developer beta

How to download the macOS 15 public beta

There’s no way to download the public beta of macOS 15 at this time. Still, make sure you’re signed up for the Apple Beta Software program to test out the latest macOS 15 features. Unlike other years, just sign in to the program using your Apple ID, agree to the regulations and perform the following steps:

  • Go to Settings on your Mac;
  • Open General and select Software Update;
  • Click Beta Updates and check out the macOS 15 public beta.

Compatible Mac models

14-inch M3 Max touchpad in MacBook Pro
MacBook Pro M3 will be compatible with macOS 15. Image source: Christian de Looper for BGR

Since Apple is focusing on Mac models with its own silicon, here is a list of Macs compatible with macOS Sequoia:

  • 2019 iMac and newer versions
  • iMac Pro from 2017
  • MacBook Air 2020 and newer versions
  • MacBook Pro 2018 and newer versions
  • Mac Pro 2019 and later versions
  • Mac mini 2018 and newer
  • 2022 Mac Studio and newer versions