Guinea: Arabinènè connects customers and sellers on its online marketplace

In Soussou, a widely spoken Guinean language, Arabinènè “New Unpacking”. The titular startup aims to revolutionize the e-commerce sector in Guinea.

Arabinènè is an e-commerce platform developed by a Guinean startup. Organized as a marketplace, it allows users to buy various items online using computers or smartphones. The Conakry-based startup was founded in 2019 by Thierno Mamoudou Sow. Its aim is to encourage Guineans to buy and sell their products online and promote local products to an international audience.

Arabinènè aims to revolutionize Guinea’s commercial sector and create hundreds of direct jobs and thousands indirectly across the country in activities ranging from marketplace to dropshipping and product delivery– says the startup.

Currently, Arabinènè offers a mobile application available exclusively for Android. According to PlayStore data, the app, which has been downloaded over a thousand times, allows users to create accounts and access various online stores on the market. Electronics, cosmetics, home and office equipment – a diverse range of products awaits you, divided into dedicated tabs to facilitate navigation.

The platform manages its homepage to showcase relevant products. “Top Sales of the Day” showcases the most popular daily purchases, while other sections such as “Latest Trends” and “Customer Favorites” help users discover new products. Arabinènè even provides a built-in delivery service within Conakry and surrounding regions, with delivery times ranging from 2 to 72 hours depending on distance.

However, Arabinènè is not yet available throughout Guinea. The next step to support its development is to expand its reach to the entire country.

Adoni Conrad Quenum