Fareway partners with Alliant Energy for the Boone solar field

Fareway Solar Field, located at the grocery chain's distribution center in Boone Industrial Park.
Fareway Solar Field, located at the grocery chain’s distribution center in Boone Industrial Park. THE ENERGY OF A CREDIT ALLIANCE

Boone-based Fareway Stores is using solar energy as part of a recent partnership with Alliant Energy, which launched the one-megawatt Fareway Solar Field last week. A solar field consisting of nearly 2,000 solar panels is located at the grocery chain’s distribution center in Boone Industrial Park.

Under the partnership, the utility will own, operate and maintain Fareway Solar Field under the Customer-Hosted Renewables program, which allows qualified customers with available land to locate solar installations and receive annual lease payments.

According to the press release, the facility will generate renewable energy for all Alliant Energy customers and renewable energy credits for Fareway to offset some of its greenhouse gas emissions.

“This project is a great addition to our distribution center campus in Boone,” said Pat Goldsmith, Fareway vice president of facilities and projects. “Partnering with Alliant Energy to produce clean energy for many years to come is a great extension of our company’s legacy.”

Fareway Solar Field is a continuation of the grocery chain’s sustainability practices dating back to 1955, when it began heating stores by recovering heat generated by refrigeration compressors.

Fareway currently recycles 850,000 pallets, 12,500 tons of cardboard, 400 tons of shrink wrap, 4,500,000 plastic grocery bags and 5,000 gallons of used oil each year.

“We are proud of our partnership with Fareway as it enables Alliant Energy’s first customer-led solar project in Iowa,” said Mason Adams, senior key account manager for Alliant Energy. “Expanding access to low-cost renewable energy for all customers puts affordability at the heart of everything we do. This is an exciting milestone towards a more reliable and sustainable energy future.”