Apple macOS 15 Sequioa: iPhone mirroring, Passwords app and MORE coming soon

Apple’s WWDC 2024 conference revealed a lot about this year’s releases and also had some huge surprises in store in the form of macOS 15, dubbed “Sequoia” in keeping with the iconic naming of Mac releases. Firstly, one of the most impressive features is the iPhone Mirroring feature, which allows users to cast their smartphone screen to their computer using AirPlay, instead of just streaming entertainment and media.

Additionally, there will be a Passwords app, as well as the iconic Apple Intelligence and ChatGPT integration, with many more to be announced.

Apple macOS 15 Sequoia: here’s what it offers

Apple macOS 15 Sequoia
(Photo: Apple)

Apple’s macOS 15 Sequoia is also a big update, and the recent WWDC 2024 conference confirmed that many new features will be available on your Mac in the upcoming version, including Apple Intelligence as one of the promoted technologies.

However, there is another big update for macOS 15 offered by Apple and it is the so-called iPhone Mirroring feature, which will allow users to use their iPhones directly on their computer. It’s more than just screen mirroring and AirPlay, as it allows users to control their Apple smartphone, from browsing and using apps to offering iPhone on their computer.

Safari will next be enhanced on Mac with Highlights, Reader updates, and Browser, providing enhanced streaming features.

Apple has also put a huge emphasis on Mac gaming with this update, as in addition to the new titles, a more immersive Spatial Audio feature is also coming along with the Game Porting Toolkit 2 for developers.

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What can you expect from the Sequoia for Mac update?

In the macOS 15 preview, Apple Intelligence has a core feature that touts the generative AI capabilities you can use on your Mac, including ChatGPT-powered writing tools, AI image generation, and a massive Siri overhaul.

Transferring files from Mac to iPhone will be simple, just drag and drop. Presenter View for FaceTime, Zoom and more, as well as new iMessage features will be available later this year.

New Apple solutions

The massive WWDC 2024 event has brought many new experiences to the world to look forward to with the release of new operating systems, software, applications and more. One of the highlights was a new app for iPhone, iPad and Mac known as Passwords, a new password management platform that secures and makes it easier to autofill passwords for users.

On the other hand, Apple also showcased its ultimate approach to AI with its own AI, Apple Intelligence, which delivered meaningful and intuitive experiences on Apple devices. With this latest technology, macOS will get the newfound power of Siri, Apple Intelligence, and ChatGPT for generative AI features with context awareness to help with everyday tasks.

Apple touts that the new macOS 15 will bring a more powerful version of Mac computers, while also relying on the power of Apple Intelligence to bring new and expanded features to everyone. Key features include iPhone mirroring, Safari updates, new Mac Gaming titles and features, the Passwords app, and more coming in the future as part of the Sequoia launch.

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