Musk will ban Apple gadgets if OpenAI is built into a working system

Apple has revealed its artificial intelligence technique, emphasizing privacy as a top priority. The large technology company plans to take full advantage of the combination of on-device and cloud computing to leverage AI options in its applications and platforms. In collaboration with OpenAI, Apple will bring ChatGPT know-how to its gadgets.

However, billionaire Elon Musk has threatened to ban Apple gadgets from his companies if the iPhone maker integrates OpenAI into a working system. Musk, the CEO of Tesla, SpaceX and

Apple and OpenAI made no quick statements in response to Musk’s comments. Musk played an important role in Apple’s decision to work with OpenAI, questioning why Apple would rely on a third-party AI provider instead of creating its own know-how.

This controversy comes in the wake of Musk’s lawsuit against OpenAI and its CEO Sam Altman in early March. Musk accused the group of straying from its authentic mission of creating artificial intelligence for the sake of the well-being of individuals, not revenue. In response, Musk-based startup xAI was created with the goal of making Chatbot different from OpenAI’s ChatGPT. xAI recently raised $6 billion in Series B financing, valuing the company at $24 billion.

The tech industry is full of hypotheses about a conflict between Musk and Apple as they navigate the complex artificial intelligence landscape.