Best Gantt Charting Software of 2024 – Forbes UK Advisor

To determine the best Gantt chart software for small businesses, Forbes Advisor researched the industry and several vendors and developed plans across several feature categories based on 27 different metrics that were weighted to favor features that small business owners find valuable in a vendor software.

Prices – 10%

The price is 10% of the Gantt chart software provider’s score. We looked for providers that offered free versions and rated those better than those that didn’t have a free option. We also made sure the prices shown on the website were transparent and then checked how these pricing tiers interacted with suppliers.

General features – 42%

General features account for 42% of the vendor’s score. We wanted to check that the software was robust and provided all the amenities you would expect from a comprehensive Gantt charting software. We checked whether these features were available at all plan levels and rated them based on always available, only available on a paid plan, or not available at all. Some of the features we looked for in this software included assigning roles, the ability to create timelines, the availability of Gantt charts on all plans, and whether there was software integration or not. We also looked for plans that would allow users to create dependencies and budget.

Additional features – 13%

Additional features account for 13% of the vendor’s score. Some of the advanced features we looked for in scoring included the ability to customize templates, offering milestone tracking, and expense tracking. Suppliers with Kanban boards also performed better than suppliers without them.

Service and support – 6%

Service and support make up 6% of a supplier’s score. Providers who offer direct support performed better than those who use community support. We also considered whether the support was a chat, telephone support, or knowledge base.

Third party reviews – 9%

We checked whether the software had a rating of at least 3.5 on popular third-party sites Capterra and Trustpilot to see what real users of the software think.

Expert Score – 20%

This section is devoted to evaluating a company based on how well its software performs against the competition. We wanted to know if it was easy to use and if it was good value for money. We also considered whether its features meet consumer demands, making it a popular choice or not, all based on the opinion of our expert panel.