NEXT BASKET – a bold innovation in online trading

What is NEXT CART?

It is a software platform that makes it quick and easy creating online stores for sale of goods.

It is available in several options:

  • HIMSELF – When you manage your online store yourself and pay a monthly fee
  • LOCAL – When the NEXT BASKET experts build an e-commerce website to an existing physical store. Thanks to this option, the goods in the stationary store act as a warehouse for the online store. A percentage of revenue is paid.
  • Note 360 – When products intended for online sales are stored in the NEXT BASKET warehouse. The entire online business is managed by the company’s employees, and the seller has only one obligation – to deliver the products to the warehouse. A percentage of revenue is paid.
  • ATTENTION PRO – only for large online sellers who want a secure and reliable online platform

The online market is a dynamically developing sector to which more and more enterprises are turning. However, managing an e-store turns out to be quite a challenge.

If they want to succeed on the market, merchants and entrepreneurs are forced to seek help from highly paid agencies, subcontractors, consultants and freelancers.

“Putting the puzzle together” turns out to be a complex task, which results in slow and uncertain sales, and the return on investment is significantly delayed.

The good news is that there is a new generation of online trading solutions.

Here are what’s new in the NEXT BASKET platform

  • Innovative features for creating and maintaining an online store

NEXT BASKET is next generation e-commerce platform which allows you to build a fully functional online store in just a few days.

  • Many AI-based features
  • The solutions can be used by end customers of online stores unique search engine a platform built on the basis of artificial intelligence that allows you to easily find any product in the online store’s offer and immediately add it to the cart
  • Intelligent chatbot allows you to track every order and returned shipment, as well as all data about the goods in stock

  • A new approach to e-commerce

The platform offers a wide range of functionalities enabling the connection of online and stationary stores, warehouses and production plants, including:

  • Adapting a physical store to function as a warehouse for fulfilling online orders creating an online store for an existing physical store;
  • Implementation of a ready-made enterprise resource planning (ERP) system and warehouse management software in each e-store;
  • Modern solutions for selling products that are not in the seller’s warehouse (so-called dropshipping);
  • Omnichannel commerce integrations with various capabilities (e.g Order online, pick up in storee.t.c.);
  • Integrations enabling contact with customers via social networks, instant messengers, e-mail, etc.

Each client of the Platform can choose functionalities that best suit the specificity of a given business, development stage and available resources.

  • New ways of managing business development

In addition to ultra-modern technical solutions, NEXT BASKET also enters the market with an impressive system 112+ paid and free business services, which include: preparation of pricing policy, creation of advertising content (copywriting), digital marketing, call center and even full accounting services.

LOCAL option

if you have physical store but you are not present on the Internet, then NEXT BASKET is the right solution.

Business creates an online store for your physical website and the products in the stationary store become the online store’s warehouse. This way, you will have significantly more sales without any additional expenses other than digital advertising.

NB 360˚ option – – A company without employees

Any partner, owner of an online store at NEXT BASKET, can they store their goods in the company warehouse. The partner’s online activities are then managed by NEXT BASKET

This is a full business service cycle (so-called 360-degree service)

In this case, the seller is solely responsible for making the products available for sale in the NEXT BASKET warehouse.

This article was brought to you by NEXT BASKET.