How Zolostays uses generative AI and LLM to improve customer service

How Zolostays uses generative AI and LLM to improve customer service
How Zolostays uses generative AI and LLM to improve customer service

Zolostays has expanded the usefulness of chatbots beyond customer interactions to streamline internal processes.

This is an exclusive series of articles hosted by the CIO News Editorial Team Amit DixitChief Technology Officer (CTO) Zolostay.

Improving customer and employee interactions with chatbots: Zolostays, a leading player in the co-living and student housing sectors, has harnessed the power of generative AI to transform customer experiences. At the forefront of this transformation is OZLO, an intelligent chatbot powered by generative artificial intelligence. The primary role of OZLO is to help clients find ideal properties tailored to their needs. What sets OZLO apart is its ability to dynamically adapt its responses based on the context and user behavior. Using advanced LLM models, OZLO deciphers user intent with extreme accuracy. Using various APIs, OZLO retrieves relevant data to create personalized responses, enriching the user experience. Moreover, Zolostays has expanded the usefulness of chatbots beyond customer interactions to streamline internal processes. Chatbots are now an integral part of the company’s employee learning and development (L&D) initiatives, providing timely support and guidance to new employees, thus accelerating their integration into the Zolo ecosystem.

Accelerated time to market: In today’s dynamic digital environment, time is of the essence. Knowing this, Zolostays used generative artificial intelligence technology to improve content creation processes. By harnessing the power of generative AI, Zolo has significantly reduced the time it takes to produce marketing materials such as posters, banners and promotional materials. This acceleration of content creation not only ensures quick implementation, but also maintains consistency and quality across marketing channels. With generative AI at the forefront, Zolostays remains agile and responsive, quickly adapting to market dynamics and staying ahead of the competition.

Greater productivity in software development: Zolostays’ commitment to innovation extends to its software development practices. To increase efficiency and productivity in this field, the company has adopted advanced AI-based tools such as Copilot, Gemini and ChatGPT. These tools serve as force multipliers, enabling Zolo’s product development team to write code faster and more efficiently. Moreover, the integration of automatic test case generation further streamlines the software lifecycle, ensuring robust and high-quality software. By shortening the learning curve for software engineers and accelerating the development process, Zolostays remains at the forefront of technological innovation, providing its clients with cutting-edge solutions.

Seamless transition to paperless leases with full compliance: Zolostays is at the forefront of the transition to electronic transactions in the real estate sector. A key element of this initiative is the integration of large language models (LLM) with optical character recognition (OCR) technology. Leveraging the power of LLM and image analytics, Zolo has automated the Know Your Customer (KYC) process for residents, eliminating the need for physical documentation. This paperless approach not only increases convenience and efficiency, but also ensures regulatory compliance.

Nearly 100% of residents seamlessly complete the KYC process and sign leases digitally, ushering in a new era of compliance and transparency in real estate transactions.

“At Zolostays, we leverage cutting-edge technologies such as generative AI and LLM to redefine life in a new era while catering to the digital preferences of Generation Z.”

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