Cycle Brand: ‘Cycle’ Brand Testing Market with D2C Plan | Chennai News

Chennai: N Ranga Rao Group, which owns Cycle agarbatti, is pinning high hopes on building digital distribution channels to test the spirits and consumables market to boost the next phase of growth. The 75-year-old fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) company is experimenting with direct selling through several websites dedicated to different product lines and partnering with existing digital commerce players. Arjun M. Ranga, managing director of the Mysore-based company Group N Ranga Rao said it is building its presence in modern retail outlets like Reliance Smart, e-commerce platforms like Flipkart, Amazon and fast commerce players like Blinkit, Zepto. Shopping through online channels is small but growing rapidly, he said. “I have to be there, register my presence, even if I lose money,” he said. He said they adopted a strategy of selling directly to customers in the early stages of product launch and then expanding to the mass market. “(Introducing) digital solutions first, listening to consumer feedback, and then going offline. This works better. Learning takes place much more digitally. You can interact with customers in a broader way than offline, and then quickly move to the mass market.

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